Abu Dhabi Spa Treatments 

Set amidst stunning desert landscapes, awe-inspiring skyscrapers and exotic wilderness areas, Abu Dhabi provides a variety of settings in which to enjoy spa treatments that are sure to leave you revived and refreshed. The best place to experience this holistic healing is at a spa resort…


Spa Vacation in Maldives 

While spending lazy days on soft sandy beaches of the Maldives may be relaxing enough for some, for a truly rejuvenating experience nothing beats a spa vacation. Those in search of resorts in Maldives that offer such holistic healing can stay at Maafushivaru Maldives. This luxurious spa resort…


Katsura Imperial Villa 

The Katsura Imperial Villa was built in 1645 and was once the home of the Katsura imperial family in Kyoto. At present it is considered a cultural heritage site because the gardening and the architectural elegance of the place has been unmatched in recent history….


Aromatherapy & Oil Massage in Bangkok 

While traveling to Thailand, tourist are now getting more and more interested in experiencing holistic wellbeing at a wellness retreat through traditional therapies which combine ancient healing with modern science. Health and wellness retreats in Bangkok offer Aromatherapy and oil massage which uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds…


CaddyShack City Mini Golf 

If you are visiting in Queenstown and are looking for a fun way to spend time with the family in between all your sightseeing and shopping, then definitely head to CaddyShack City Mini Golf. Look to stay at a Queenstown resort such as Copthorne Hotel & Resort…


Kuta Square 

Ages ago the forefathers of the Balinese people drew towards the calm and serene village front of Kuta which is located on the western end of the isthmus of Bali, to procure their seafood and fish. When tourists discovered that Kuta was a haven for…