Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, a splendid edifice

The Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan has been acclaimed as one of the principal attractions of the beautiful Indian city of Bangalore. Centrally situated within the heart of the city this handsome structure always captures the imagination of the visitor.

The construction of this palace was in fact commenced by the well-known ruler Hyder Ali and completed by his son and successor Tipu Sultan by the year 1791. This edifice therefore has a history of more than two centuries and is noteworthy for featuring teakwood as its material of construction. In fact this fascinating building is sometimes called the wooden palace as its structure is entirely fashioned from this material. It is said that the teakwood was immersed and soaked in water for no less than two years to give it the proper characteristics. As its name suggests the monarch Tipu Sultan used this splendid residence as his summer abode.

The visitor will see that the Summer Palace is a beautiful and harmoniously constructed structure with many attractive features. This handsome edifice displays a two storey structure with many embellishments such as impressive pillars, attractively positioned archways and a number of balconies. Many of the walls and ceilings of this splendid residence are decorated with appealing floral designs. The ruler Tipu Sultan was in the habit of conducting important state affairs from the western and eastern balconies on the upper storey. Another attractive feature in the Summer Palace compound is the beautifully designed and meticulously maintained gardens which are located flanking the building on each side.

After the demise of the monarch Tipu Sultan the British administrators used this impressive monument to house their secretariat, a role it performed until 1867.

Since the monument only functioned as the summer residence of the king it does not portray the actual wealth and magnificence of the monarch. The Summer Palace is not as grand or as opulent as the monarch’s palace at Srirangapatna. However it is a charming building which always captivates the visitor.

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Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.