Shenyang Imperial Palace – A glimpse into China’s second-famous royal residence

Visit the Shenyang Imperial Palace for a special insight into the royal residence created by the founders of the Qing Dynasty, which spanned 1644-1911.If you’re seeking quality serviced apartments in Shenyang to host your stay, consider the elegant trappings of the Somerset Heping Shenyang. Featuring luxury interiors and world-class service, this is an ideal option of an apartment Shenyang has to offer its visitors. Shenyang is home to China’s second royal palace besides the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, and it was built in 1625 during the time of Nurhachi and finished by his son Abahai in 1935. It comprises an impressive area exceeding 60,000 square metres and boasts more than 300 resplendent rooms and 20 expansive courtyards. It is divided into three main sections, each with their own theme. The eastern section features the Hall of Great Affairs, which was the administrative centre of the kingdom, where the king received visitors, passed various edicts and ascended the throne. The middle sections is generally considered the most important aspect of the entire structure, because it was where the kind held his court, and it also housed the main living quarters of Abahai and his coterie of concubines. The western section was added in the eighteenth century and it houses the Opera Stage, Jiayin Hall and the main structure, Wen Su Pavillion. The entire palace is home to a plethora of precious artefacts spanning more than 200 years, so it is a unique site worth exploring when you’re in the area.