National Gallery of Victoria, an outstanding art showcase

The captivating city of Melbourne is always a fascinating metropolis to explore, offering many attractions for the visitor. For visitors to the city an excellent Melbourne family accommodation would be the well-reputed Oaks On Market, a comfortable rest which provides well-furnished rooms and gracious hospitality.

Any visitor to Melbourne who has an interest in the artistic sphere should make it a point to visit the splendid National Gallery of Victoria. This well-known institution which was opened to the public in 1861 has the distinction of being the initial public museum of its kind to be established in the nation of Australia. This groundbreaking institution which is considered to be the nation’s premier art museum now occupies two separate sites; namely the NGV International and the Ian Potter Centre. These two extensive galleries are located in proximity to each other and each features a magnificent selection of quality artworks. The National Gallery is renowned for its acclaimed exhibitions which attract a large number of visitors.

NGV International is well-known for its comprehensive selection of artworks from cultures as far-flung as Greece, Ancient Egypt and Rome as well as an entire gallery devoted to Oceanic cultures from the Pacific region. You will find a collection of drawings and prints numbering almost 16,000 as well as an outstanding compilation of Asian and European decorative works. Not to be missed is NGV International’s splendid collection of British and European paintings which span a time period of from 1200 to the present day.

Meanwhile the Ian Potter Centre is the very first significant gallery on the globe to focus exclusively on Australian artworks. This establishment’s collection runs the gamut from the Colonial era to the art of the present day, including drawings, prints, photography, fashion and decorative art. You will also find a number of galleries devoted to Aboriginal art. This engrossing institution is an ideal place for art lovers to gain a genuine insight into the rich artistic traditions of Australia.

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Sunset Cruising at Noosa Lakes –Experience the Tranquility of Noosa’s Lakes

Located in Noosa, Queensland is the quaint suburb of Tewantin. Located centrally in Noosa, the suburb of Tewantin is a peaceful and beautiful place which is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Home to several attractions; such as the Noosa Marina, and streets with many pubs, restaurants and shopping destinations, a stay at Tewantin is sure to be blissful and entertaining. A Tewantin hotel Australia that offers great accommodation and luxury services is the Australis Noosa Lakes.

Noosa is known for its amazing natural features, and among these the six lakes of Noosa are among the most popular. Surrounding Noosa, these six lakes have been a source of sustainment for many years. Flanked on either side by many lush green pastures, these lakes are of immense beauty and are great for boating and kayaking on. However, to truly enjoy the beauty of these lakes you should embark on an sunset Noosa lake cruise.

The six lakes of Noosa are; Lake Doonella, Lake Coothabara, Lake Weyba, Lake Como, Lake Cooloola, and Lake Cooroibah. While all these lakes are beautiful in their own way, Lakes Cooribah, Doonella and Coothabara are considered to be the most beautiful. There are many cruise services and hotels in the area that offer remarkable cruise facilities, so that you can head out on to the cool and calm waters and watch the sunset. Experience the tranquility of the lakes and the breathtaking scenery of the surround areas, which is complemented by the amber tint in the evening skies and the gentle lapping of the water. Enhance your experience by sipping on a glass of smooth wine or sipping on a cold beer, while nibbling delicious treats and meals. The Noosa Lake sunset cruise experience is, therefore, a romantic and tranquil experience which is a great activity to engage in with your love ones or family. So go ahead and book a cruise through the stunning Noosa lakes.

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Domestic Air Travel in Sri Lanka – the convenient way to explore the emerald isle

If you’ve ever imagined swooping down on a cultural site in Sri Lanka, then the wait is over. As part of holidays in Sri Lanka, consult the John Keells Group who will provide you the luxury of discovering all of Sri Lanka in one go. Creating opportunities for investment in Sri Lanka, the Group paves the way for one to fully appreciate the island nation and its best kept secrets.
Be awed by the alluring sight of the Temple of the Tooth Relic as you settle on the calm waters of the Kandy Lake. Cinnamon Air provides similar experiences and getaways to those who truly yearn for a touch of culture and elegance. One may charter a flight to the coastal village of Dickwella, ideally placed in the Matara District from where sunny coastlines and local customs are easily accessible. Sri Lanka’s eastern coast truly serves a plethora of experiences. Therefore the areas of Trincomalee and Batticaloa can be marked down on your travel itinerary as ‘must visits’. Travellers can take advantage of the star class facilities offered on board a series of excellent flights that will in turn take you to places of unimaginable beauty and character.

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Luxury Hotels in Colombo – awaken your senses to the epitome of luxury

Sri Lanka’s commercial capital of Colombo is decorated in many a number of lavish 4 star and 5 star hotels that continue to win the hearts of many. Considered by many as one of the largest conglomerates in the country; the John Keells Group which is known to offer a range of holidays in Sri Lanka has two hotel properties which would complement anyone’s stay. In addition the Group provides prospective investors with opportunities in terms of investment in Sri Lanka.

Indulge in a delightful display of unsurpassed luxury and pampering when you choose the comfort of Colombo’s luxury hotels. Providing every facility to the modern day holidaymaker, such abodes would make you want to stay on for that much longer. In relation to food and beverage, the restaurants at these hotels would offer you a range of local favourites coupled with a fine blend of international dishes that would make one’s mouth water. For the health-conscious, there are state of the art gyms that come with every piece of equipment designed to cater your every requirement. However the rooms that you would have the privilege of coming home to would be simply sensational. The amenities and value additions one would encounter within these abodes will take your breath away. Also when you choose to be based at such hotels, the many attractions of the city such as the Galle Face Green, Pettah Market and the glittering waters of the Indian Ocean would be all but a stone’s throw away.

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