The Ocean Creatures of Maldives Waters 

The rich and nutrient oceans of Maldives teem with amazing marine creatures and witnessing them will certainly be a memorable experience read on to know more about some of the most astonishing creatures that inhabit the Maldivian waters. Sea Turtles The ocean that surrounds the…


A walk down the Art Market in Bali 

A walk down the Art Market in Bali offers you plenty of eye-catching items that you’d no doubt jump at – the alleyways are packed with small shops that are full to bursting with multi-coloured goodies! Main features Ubud Art Market is the perfect spot…


Exploring the Siem Reap Markets 

Tourists feel a little overwhelmed at the range of products that are found at these markets. Fashion boutiques, art galleries, jewellery, silks, ceramics, silverware and stone carvings are sure to empty your pockets! Local Markets Siem Reap Old Market, Phsar Samaki, Phsar Leu and Central…