Why Invest in Phuket? 

In Phuket, growth is all around you! Read on to find out why you should think about investing in this premier tourist destination in Thailand!   The Change Just twenty years ago, Phuket was a quiet little fishing community, where a fiery tropical sunset signaled…

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Elephants in Thailand 

The elephants found in Thailand are the “Indian” elephants (that is a sub -species of the Asian Elephant). Unlike the regular Indian elephants, Thai elephants have shorter legs and thicker skin compared to their Indian relatives. History Elephants have played quite a significant role in…

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The Amazing Maldives 

Secluded beaches, underwater worlds full of marine life, rejuvenating massages, magical sunsets, ocean serenades lulling you to sleep; sounds too good to be true? Not when you holiday in the Maldives! A Place for Beachside Bliss The beaches on the countless islands in the country…