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Culture in Bali 

Both Balinese culture and Hinduism as the main religion here have affected the society in Bali immensely. The Balinese culture can be seen clearly in artworks of ancient ruins and various types of traditions. Enchanting dances The traditional Bali dances began as a form of…

Activities, Thailand

The Cicada Market 

Pathways aglow in the light of night lamps, the strong aroma of delicious street food and the pleasant buzzing of locals in Thailand is something you simply must experience. The perfect place for this is none other than the Cicada Market. Location This market is…


Interesting Facts about Dolphins 

Extremely popular and highly intelligent, Dolphins have captured the attention of humans like no other animal. Best known for its curious and helpful nature, here are some other interesting facts about dolphins. There are over 40 species of dolphins Forty-three to be exact, out of…