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Colombo by Day and Night 

While Sri Lanka may be all about the beaches, exotic wildlife, rich culture and historic sites, a visit to the commercial capital Colombo reveals a whole other side to this cosmopolitan city. This is a metropolis where East and West coexist in a cultural melting…

tlluxury shopping in bangkok
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Terminal 21 shopping mall 

Thailand is well-known for its strange and wacky attractions and experiences that provide travellers with more than a fair share of memorable experiences. Adding to this need for the everyday unusual, Thailand’s Terminal 21 shopping mall offers an eye-catching spectacle that is as much sighting-seeing…

London Eye : I, Wangi , London Eye and County Hall in evening light , CC BY-SA 3.0
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London Eye 

While attractions like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace are on everyone’s ‘must visit’ list when in the British capital, there is another place of interest that is just as popular and in fact has much become one of the city’s iconic landmarks. Instantly…