Enchanted Kingdom 

A Disney world in Philippines, the magic lives on and continues to enchant the thousands that flock over to the sensational theme park where everything seems like an eternity because the pleasures are so surreal, the joys so memorable and the encounters so exhilarating. It…


Buckingham Palace 

Situated at the heart of the City of Westminister, Buckingham Palace is presently the official residence of the British Royalty. The majestic palace has been used as a common location for many occasions of national rejoicing, gathering the British commoners together. It is more often…


Spa Treatments 

Spa treatments are needed for rejuvenating one’s mind, body and soul. These treatments include, body wraps, facials, salt glows and more. There are various types of massages including reflexology, hot stone massage and Thai massage. Whilst each treatment incorporates a different set of elements and…