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Why Invest in Phuket? – Experience Rising Demand and Quality Services

In Phuket, growth is all around you! Read on to find out why you should think about investing in this premier tourist destination in Thailand!


The Change

Just twenty years ago, Phuket was a quiet little fishing community, where a fiery tropical sunset signaled the end of the day. Today, that quaint village has changed dramatically. From brand new shopping malls, international resorts to high-end restaurant cafes, and tourists from all over the globe, Phuket is a very different place!

The Growth

Phuket will be seeing the completion of a new international airport which will help fuel the boost of a series of new hotels and a host of other projects and proposals. The city will also see a major transportation project, a tunnel to connect Phuket Old Town, Patong City, and the deep-sea harbor come into being.

The Demand

With many a long-term demand project coming into being, the prices in Phuket look extremely attractive by remaining consistently below regional real estate markets. One can buy a luxurious villa easily with a Phuket property investment company including the likes of Infinite Luxury for the same price of a one-bedroom apartment in places such as Hong Kong or Singapore.


Phuket has long since remained a very popular destination for holiday homes because of its stunning beaches and balmy tropical climate. These factors have been the driving force behind both international and domestic investment, including hospitality developers!

Damon Starky is a creative nomadic travel writer, who is well informed and experienced on a wide range of interests that would connect to the needs of any type of traveler. Google+

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