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The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

One of the key sites in the Saatiyat cultural district is the Guggenheim museum. Located in Abu Dhabi , the museum will house a vast collection of modern and contemporary art collection. The museum is the largest Guggenheim museum belonging to the group. The museum house global art , host educational exhibitions , with special attention focused on middle eastern contemporary art.

Known for its lavish life style , Luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi exceed expectation at most times. A highly preferred choice among visitors is the Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa by Anantara. the hotel is lies facing the water front of Abu Dhabi. Perfect place to enjoy unmatched luxury of the Emirates and at the same time soothe the mind with the mangrove backdrop.

The galleries are located in four different levels , and are inter connected by glass bridges. The gallery has a total floor area of 13000 square feet dedicated to galleries. There are specially designed cone like structures that provide further gallery space. Above the atrium with the galleries one can find the 350 seat capacity theatre and the educational center. This facility serves as a perfect venue to host recitals , lectures and other such events of similar nature.

The architectural design of Guggenheim has taken into account the ancient wind towers that existed in Abu Dhabi , they serve to ventilate and cool off the museum during severely hot weather.

The Saatiyat cultural district is booming with museums and performing art centers , therefore the island is a good place to spend an entire day strolling around if arts and history interests one. The other museums that are within the island are the Lourve Abu Dhabi, Zayed National museum and the maritime museum. The structures of these iconic buildings are mind blowing.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


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