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The Dule Temple – The historical site that depicts ancient architectural techniques

The famous Dule Temple which is located in the Jixian town is a Buddhist temple that was named after the spring behind it. The temple was build during the Tang Dynsaty but was destroyed during the war. When making plans to travel to the Tianjin region, travellers could consider a Tianjin Hotel alternative such as Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin. The apartment complex can be a base for excursions in the region as it gives easy access to The Dule Temple and many other attractions in the area.

Later onthe temple complex was reconstructed in 984 AD during the Lioa Dynasty and remains standing in her magnificent stature since then. The renowned Buddhist temple consists of a three layered pavilion that shelters the statue of goddess Avalokitesvara which is 23 metres in height. The graceful statue and the sacred temple complex depict the historical and architectural marvel during that era. The renovation of the temple was done by craftsmen and architects at that time using techniques available during the Tang era.

The temple complex also features The Shan Gate, a single story building that is 10 metres in height. This is situated on the south side and acts as the front gate. The Guanyin Pavillion is a structure of three layers and consists of a sculpture of Goddess Guanyin, which is the largest of its kind in China.

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