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The Dubai International Film Festival – a Blend of Glamour and Regional Harmony

The glam queen of the Middle East, Dubai boasts a range of attractions and festivals to treat its visitors with. One of the best known festivals that have caught the attention of the rest of the world and which attracts many visitors to Dubai is the Dubai International Film Festival.

The first ever Dubai Film Festival was held in 2004, and since then it has become one of the leading festivals in the country as well as a leading festival in the film industry in the region covering the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Initially created as a showpiece for the filmmakers of Arab nations to showcase their talent at an international level, the Dubai International Film Festival has since honoured the cinema of the Asian region as well as the film industry of some of the African countries, encouraging the budding cinema of these regions. The Film Festival is now a well recognized international festival welcoming participants and talent from all over the world.

Being a major business hub and a much sought after tourist destination, Dubai is probably the ideal city to play host to such a glamorous cultural event, especially considering the fact that its target is to promote the film industries of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The film festival also brings together all the wonders and extravaganzas of the wonderful city of Dubai – providing an ideal opportunity to explore the Arabic treasures and indulge in Dubai’s glitzy yet warm hospitality.

Being one of the major tourist attractions in the region, Dubai complements its various festivals by featuring some of the best lodging options anyone could ever dream of. And even though the city boasts a range of accommodation options, when it comes to luxury accommodation Dubai is the proud winner by far.

All Dubai hotel accommodation options are well planned to cater to the deserving guests, with a mix of both the East and the West. Dubai hotels are well known for their ability to make all their guests VIPs and the range of modern amenities and facilities they feature. For true Arabian hospitality, opulence and design which complement the wonderful city of Dubai, try the Raffles Dubai, UAE.

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