Weather in Hong Kong – Blowing Hot and Cold

Hong Kong has a monsoon-influenced, sub-tropical climate with four distinct seasons. The most significant weather events that can disrupt life here are Typhoons. Typhoon season is from May to November. About 30 storms form in the western north Pacific or the China Sea each year, of which half reach typhoon-strength, which means winds gusting up to 118 kmph or more. The typhoons are of varying severity and each type of typhoon has been assigned a number going up the scale with 8 indicating a storm of the most severe kind. Hong Kong is also battered by heavy rain, usually in the aftermath of a typhoon wrecking havoc in the precipitous terrain of the city and causing widespread flooding.

March to May is spring and temperatures usually range from 17 degree C to 26 degrees C and evenings are usually cool. There is a notable increase in rainfall and temperature in April. Spring also brings cloudy skies that contribute to increasing humidity. Summer is from June to August and is known to be hot and humid and is punctuated by showers and thunderstorms. Sometimes, extreme heat is experienced during this period due to a lack of cooling breezes. This type of weather generally precedes typhoons. Nights are too are hot and the air quality is adversely affected.

Autumn seems to be the most pleasant month being sunny with cool breezes and comfortable temperatures. Winter from December to February is usually cool and dry with temperatures generally ranging from 12 degrees C to 20 degrees C. However, the northeast winter monsoon can bring some cold fronts, making the temperature dip below 10 degrees C. Warm air blowing in from the sea has been known to increase temperatures above 20 degrees C. December is also the driest month of the year Hong Kong is also affected by climate change as evidenced by the increase in warm nights and decrease in cold days. The rate of warming is more in the built up urban areas exacerbated by the release of heat from air conditioning and vehicles and the density of high rise buildings that absorb more of the suns energy. The situation is aggravated by the lack of cooling breezes. The frequency of heavy rain has also increased.

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