Amazing Benefits of Yoga – Finding the Balance

Yoga is becoming more and more popular not just as a form of exercise but also one which has long-lasting benefits for mind and body. Not on the yoga bandwagon as yet? Here are some reasons why you should look to try it out!

Image Credit: Anantara Hoi An Resort

Improves Quality of Life

Continuous and systematic yoga offers a number of benefits including those that can have positive effects in your life; improving one’s mood, enhancing general well-being, combating fatigue and reducing anxiety are just some of the plus points that one may gain through yoga.

Helps to Reduce Stress

By practising yoga over a period of time, you will not only feel more relaxed but can find stress levels reducing too. Of course, to truly “de-stress” it’s always best to get away completely for a while; if heading to Vietnam for instance, and in search of things to do in Hoi An, definitely consider engaging in yoga at resorts such as Anantara Hoi An Resort.

A Great Night’s Sleep

By making yoga a part of your daily routine, you may also benefit from better sleep! By letting you unwind and easing tension from the body, yoga may definitely help you not only get better rest but also feel more rested when you awake.

Increases Strength

As an exercise routine, yoga can help to increase one’s strength over a period of time. By following various yoga poses, endurance and flexibility can improve as well.

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Hot Mineral Mud Center in Mui Ne

The beautiful coastal city of Mui Ne is not only famed for its golden beaches and white sand dunes, but also for the bubbling mud baths that are renowned for their health benefits. The Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa a premier hospitality provider among Vietnam resorts is one you should consider staying at, as it is located just approximately 12 minutes away from the city center.

Mud baths is said to have existed for thousands of years, and have been enjoyed from pre-historic cavemen and women to the modern day spa-goers not only due to the many health benefits it is said to grant but also due to the soothing and relaxing feeling it gives from immersing yourself in the thick gooey hot mud.

There is a number of mud bath centers sprawled around the Mui Ne City such as the Mui Ne Hot Mineral Mud Center. At the center you can dip into tubs and enjoy a relaxing time either by yourself or with your loved ones sipping on a glass of champagne while the warm mud relieves all your tensed-up muscles. The center has 17 mud tubs placed among lush banana gardens that are large enough for 4-5 people to take a bath at the same time. Other than mud baths the center also provides other spa facilities such as warm mineral water soaking and warm mineral water bathing under a man-made water fall.

Mud bathing has become one of the main tourist attractions of the serene city of Mui Ne over the years, as the news of its many health benefits such as its anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to make skin rejuvenated and glowing became reached across the country and around the world.

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Enjoy Your Holiday at Our Private Island – Welcome to Paradise

The beautiful capital of the Binh Dinh Province in Vietnam, the city of Quy Nho’n, is home to a diverse terrain spotted with lush green forestry bordered by deep blue lagoons and freely flowing rivers greet the great aquamarine ocean at serene sandy beaches. Thus, this Vietnamese city embodies all that nature has to offer. Providing a restful haven from the rigours of life, AVANI Quy Nho’n Resort and Spa offers guests a tantalizing taste of paradise by combining the essence of Vietnamese leisure and creating an atmosphere which is perfect for a secret getaway by the sea.

Located on one of the most beautiful coastal belts in the country, this resort Quy Nho’n is located on a private beach on a private island and is the perfect hideout to unwind, relax and enjoy all that life has to offer. Bask in the glorious rays of the sun or lounge by the crystal clear waters and enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere that will make you feel at ease, instantly. Enjoy the privacy the resort affords their guests: bathe in the sea and stroll along the pearl tipped ocean waves in peace. Select from a range of accommodation options and enjoy the luxurious opulence of the junior suites, ideal for families, and take advantage of the private balcony and the amazing view as well as truly luxurious and spacious rooms. At this resort, whatever you wish shall be done.

If you crave some excitement or an adrenaline filled experience, opt for one of the many thrilling water sports offered by the resort. Conversely, if you seek to lounge and leisurely read or snooze, the rooms are not only luxurious but offer optimum comfort. Should you wish to not step out for meals, the resort offers the option of in-room dining. At Quy Nho’n, all you need to do to enjoy your holiday is to voice what you need and the amazing staff at the resort will make your desires a reality.

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