Enjoying the Views – Morne Fortune, the Hill of Good Luck Caribbean

There is no doubt that Morne Fortune or Hill of Good Luck has some of the best views in St Lucia. Being one of three hills on a ridge behind Castries, the capital, it overlooks the harbour which is a crater of an extinct volcano and much of the coastal and inland area around it. The hill is also the best residential location on the island. Parrot Cay by COMO is a tranquil Caribbean retreat where time stands still and where holidays mean taking time off to rejuvenate.


The hill was originally the site of Fort Charlotte, a French fort that was taken over by the British in the late 18th century. It was the site of many bloody fights between the two nations for control of the island, and was also associated with yellow fever outbreaks that took a terrible toll of the colonizers. Among the reminders of the French and English occupation are the ruins of the fort walls, the French and British cemeteries, look out points, powder magazines, an old well, guard cells and old gun sites, one with a canon dated 1818. These grizzled and overgrown remains are the only proof that the now tranquil hilltop was once the site of battles involving thousands of men.


The campus of the Open University of the West Indies, a community college, named after a Nobel Prize winning economist born on the island and Government House are some of the buildings on what is now the best location in St Lucia. Visitors who take the trouble to go up the winding path to the summit of the Morne from Castries are rewarded with magnificent views of green hills, valleys and ravines on one side and the roof tops of Castries and views of the harbour, usually full of cruise ships and small sailing craft, on the other. For holiday makers looking for that ideal Caribbean destination, this Turks & Caicos beach resort offers some of the best holiday options.


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