The Tianjin Museum – The largest Museum in Tianjin, China

The Tianjin Museum is the largest Museum in Tianjin, exhibiting a range of cultural and historical significance to Tianjin. This museum has a unique architectural style, whose appearance resembles, that of a swan spreading its wings. This building has quickly become one of the city’s iconic buildings. The Somerset Olympic Tower is a luxury Tianjin hotel, situated in the prime residential and shopping district. It is an ideal accommodation for savvy business travelers and their families. The hotel is ideal for those who would like to visit the Tianjin Museum, as it is located within close distance to the hotel. It is only a fifteen minute walk to the city’s central business district and entertainment center. This hotel also offers direct access to several shopping districts, international schools, theatres, a variety of restaurants and also a golf club.

The Tianjin Museum has an extensive collection of Chinese fine arts and exhibiting Tianjin’s history. There are nearly 200, 0000 collection of arts and relics. This Museum tells the tale of China’s fourth largest city quite well. Guests can enjoy the rare historical collections. They can also enjoy the sunshine coming from the feather shaped skylight in the dome. Guests can also have a short rest and a cup of coffee in the lounge, which offers a unique visual field for enjoying the surrounding sceneries of the Museum. This museum offers rare collections of history and art in the city. It is also, quite beautiful, scenic, spacious, quiet and elegant and is home to many artefacts from Tianjin and China’s long history.

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