Exploring the Natural Habitats of Elephants – An Unforgettable Experience in Thailand

Love anything to do with elephants, the largest mammal on earth? Then read onto find out what exploring the natural habitats of these intelligent animals in Thailand would consist of.

Elephant Learning Experience

With this experience, visitors can learn more about the elephant’s behaviour, biology, and conservation which is guaranteed to be a highly educational experience, especially for kids. One can also get to watch them play and frolic in the bathing areas in places such as Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, which is a quite a popular elephant camp in Thailand.

Sponsor an Elephant

Help make a significant difference in the lives of these gentle giants by sponsoring an elephant. There are many foundations which are set up primarily for elephants that cannot fend for themselves in the wild, whether through abuse or circumstances.

Engage in a Yoga Session Surrounded by Elephants

Get the chance to calm and free your mind as you explore the lush forest trails alongside majestic elephants. After which one can enjoy a rejuvenating personalised yoga experience among lush paddy fields.

Picnic with Elephants

Take along a delicious hamper packed with delicious gourmet delights, along with a rug and settle down among plush greenery in a secluded spot and enjoy some quiet time amidst nature while herds of elephants munch quietly on their own leafy snacks.

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The Amazing City of Chiang Rai – A Small Yet a Delightful City

Chiang Rai is a peaceful destination that offers everything from scenery to spiritual beauty and even plenty of entertainment. Do read on to know some interesting facts about the city.


The laid-back destination of Chiang Rai is the northern-most city of Thailand and it has gained popularity the world over for its excellent base of history and breathtaking natural beauty. Like almost every city in the world, Chiang Rai also has a rewarding history. The King Mengrai of Ngoen Yang, considered as the pioneer of this city, once established it as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Later it was moved to Chiang Mai.

Thanyakij at Thai WikipediaMangrai Monument, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


This mountainous region is a part of the ‘Golden Triangle’ where the borders of Laos, Thailand, and Burma converge. Both the Mae Kok River and Lao River running through the city is a major highlight. While the western part of the city features the hilly terrain of the Thai highlands, the eastern part boasts of flat river plains.


As you set foot at the Chiang Rai airport your first impression of the city’s transportation system will not be a positive one. Local buses, or ‘songthaew’, are the most preferred mode of transport in Chiang Rai. Those can be easily spotted since they are converted pickup trucks painted in bright red.

The Golden Triangle

This marks the point where Thailand, Laos, and Burma meet. You’ll be able to see different landscapes belonging to 3 different countries from a single point! Those staying at one of the many Chiang Rai hotels the likes of Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort can easily map out a journey to view the stunning scenery around the Golden Triangle.

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Potters of Koh Kret – Famed artists with a unique style

The exotic destination of Thailand lies on the Indochina Peninsula of Southeast Asia. This tropical land is one of culture and history. Treat yourself to a Chao Phraya Cruise and tour the many cultural sites in style. Set sail on the magnificent River of Kings for an elegant dinner and enjoy fine, authentic Thai cuisine as you float pass historic temples, gilded palaces and hallowed shrines. Private cruises for special occasions are available through Anantara Cruises, Thailand.

The square shaped island of Koh Kret, sometimes referred to as Ko Kred, is located in the Chao Phraya River. It lies twenty kilometres north of Bangkok in Nonthaburi Province. The man-made island came into existence in 1772 as a result of a canal being dug out to create a shortcut that bypassed a curve in the Om Kret section of the Chao Phraya River. It is a mere two kilometres long and one kilometre wide.

The Koh Kret Island is home to the Mon Tribes who have a unique identity that is based in their own interpretation of Buddhism. They have also created their own style of intricately carved pottery, known as ‘Kwan Arman’. The potters reside in a rustic village with modest wooden dwellings. The baked, unglazed red clay pottery is available for sale in the multitude of dedicated shops. Walking around the island you will see as many as twenty pottery workshops. Watch the potters at work, carving designs into the clay and then firing the pieces in kilns. The pottery of Koh Kret is held in high regard throughout the country. The Pieces are sold at high prices, which increase with intricacy and size. A popular souvenir, the incense burner, which scatters lights through cutout patterns, can cost about two hundred baht.

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Mekong River Cruises – Set Sail Down Southeast Asia’s Longest River

The historic Lanna Kingdom of King Mengri, who ruled from 1259 to 1317, covered most of Northern Thailand. It was surrounded by high mountains, teak tree forests and rivers rich with fish. Chang Mai is the capital of Chiang Mai Province and was a former capital of the Kingdom of Lanna. Hotel properties in the area still offer views of the beautiful rural landscapes. The region stands out with its own unique cuisine, culture and customs. Women who hail from the area are believed to be the most beautiful and the people are described as the friendliest in the country, with their charm and gentle demeanour that seldom fails to impress even the most demanding of visitors. To experience this magical land book a stay at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, which is positioned on a ridge overlooking the hills of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

The Mekong River, at four thousand three hundred and fifty kilometres, is the twelfth longest in the world. It flows through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Myanmar and Vietnam before emptying out into the South China Sea at a point south of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. Vientiane, capital of Laos, and Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, are both located directly on the banks of the great Mekong River.

As the region’s popularity grows into a top tourist destination, so does the allure of cruising down the river. River cruises carry passengers from Siem Reap in northwest Cambodia, located close to the famous Angkor Wat temple complex, to Ho Chi Minh City or from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. The route sails by bustling cities, rural settings complete with lush paddy fields, entire floating villages like Kompong Luong that is north of Krakor, floating markets and several pagodas and temples that are a distinctive feature of Southeast Asia.

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Phang Nga Bay – a marvel of nature

The alluring Phang Nga Bay is a wonder of nature that always captures the imagination of the visitor. If you desire to visit this natural marvel an excellent accommodation choice would be a Phuket luxury resort such as Point Yamu by COMO, Phuket, Thailand. This quality resort offers appealing interiors and many modern amenities assuring a satisfying stay.

The picturesque Phang Nga Bay has secured a firm reputation as a significant tourist attraction, luring a steady stream of visitors from around the globe. An excellent way to explore this natural wonder would be to take a boat excursion from Phuket; thereby you will be able to tour the remarkable limestone formations of the area at your own pace, and also stop at tranquil beaches if you so desire.

Undoubtedly one of the local highlights would be the well-known James Bond Island, so called because it was featured in a popular Bond film. Easily recognized by its rocky crest, this picturesque island and its spectacular surroundings offer a remarkable sight for the tourist. After viewing this extraordinary sight you may choose to replenish your energies by having a typical Thai lunch at the amazing Koh Panyee village. This entire community has been constructed atop stilts, framed by a massive rock outcrop at its rear. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase local handicrafts at this remarkable hamlet.

Boating on Phang Nga Bay is always a memorable experience, with the towering limestone precipices creating a spectacular backdrop to a magical scene. The local waters are calm throughout the year, adding to the appeal of the verdant local landscapes. An additional attraction at Phang Nga is the mysterious caves, known as hongs, which may be found at some of the local islands. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore these enigmatic natural formations by kayak, a fascinating adventure that is sure to quicken the pulse. Phang Nga Bay will truly offer a memorable experience for all visitors irrespective of nationality or preferences.

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Feel the Royal Living in Thailand- Culture and Heritage Of Siam Land

A buzzing new holiday destination in Asia in the recent past has been Thailand. The country boasts of a rich culture and heritage and is known to be an exotic and tropical getaway. The capital being Bangkok is a rich vibrant cosmopolitan city. Attracting tourists from all across the globe from varying demographics , the country is not short of great places to stay. The latest preference among tourist have been serviced apartments. Bangkok especially has a large number of them. Being the capital the choice it has to offer is pretty vast. One that stands among them is Ascott Sathorn Bangkok. Perfectly designed to suit every modern travelers needs these apartments are located conveniently and makes exploring the city much easier.

Bangkok is full of interesting places to see and exciting things to do. Having a rich cultural heritage , the Grand Palace which is situated at the heart of the city has been the residence of the kings of Thailand since the latter part of the 18th century. The building complex is a great example of the Siamese architecture. The Grand Palace is divided into four main courts and each of them have significance of their own. A stroll inside the palace complex is a great way to get an insight into the Thai culure and heritage.

Another place of interest that has a strikingly magnificent reflection of the Thai religious belief is the reclining Bhuddha. Better known as Wat Pho. Home to one of the largest reclining Buddhas in the city , measuring around 46 meters is a must do for any visitor. The statue is covered in Golden leaf. Wandering in this premises is also a great experience.
The temple of Dawn or the Wat Aun is another interesting place to see located on the Western bank of Chao Phraya river. It has a very unique design in comparison to other temples in Bangkok city which makes it a must visit place. Located just opposite Wat Pho it is hard to miss.

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Phi Phi Islands – Thailand’s tropical beauty

Ko Phi Phi is a group of islands in Krabi Province, Southern Thailand. Islands are six in number, which are quite delightful to sight. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. It offers many kinds of adventures such as sunbathing. This part of the Thailand sparkles with marine life. In the late 1940s, Phi Phi islands were largely occupied by Muslim fishermen. It later developed into a coconut plantation.

The most convenient way to reach here is from Anantara Phuket Villas, a Phuket Beach Resort.

Phi Phi’s majority still continues to be Muslim. This island is also home for Buddhists, Thai Chinese and sea gypsies, who live in ethnic harmony. This island is believed to be one of the most ancient communities in Thailand, tracing back to the prehistoric period. The island gets its name from Malay.

Located between Phuket island and the Malacca strait, it is a part of Krabi province. This island has also been featured in some films. Some would see Phi Phi island as the only reason to reach Phuket. Approach there by the sea, you will see this island as a fortress. You will fall in love with the islands at first sight. Forget all your schedules. Reaching the Phi Phi islands, you need not worry about schedules. Take your own time to explore the islands.

Ko Phi Phi Don, Ko Phi Phi Leh, Ko Mai Phai (Bamboo Island), Ko Yung (Yung Island), Bida Nok and Bida nai are the six islands loated in Phuket. Of all these islands, Ko Phi Phi Don is the only populated island. This place has undergone several developments. This is known as a tropical island full of supermarkets and restaurants.

Ko Phi Phi Leh became popular when it was featured in ‘The Beach’ film. The island has two seasons: hot season from January to April and rainy season from May to December.

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Reflexology Treatments at Bangkok – Experience Rejuvenation at a Spa Haven

Often revered as a ‘must-have experience’ when travelling around Bangkok, reflexology treatments have become synonymous with the popular tourist heartland in recent years. With foot reflexology spas propping up in every corner of the sun- kissed nation, visitors have come to appreciate the healing touch of Thai reflexology treatments that soothe and cure various ailments through massaging different pressure points at the soles of the feet. As an ancient practice that has deep roots in Thailand, it is stated that reflexology practices were rampant in ancient Siam while King Rama V was known to have employed reflexology massages during his trips around remote areas around the country with his royal entourage including at least one massage therapist at all times. The earliest mention of the use of massage in Thailand is found in the La Loubere’s Chronicle which was penned during King Narai’s period between 1656 and 1689.

Stimulating ten identified zones at the sole of the foot, reflexology therapies use rubbing, pressing, flexing and other movements to increase blood flow and functionality of the various regions in the body that corresponds with each zone. The art of reflexology style massages lies in flexing the different pressure zones which creates a reflexive action that takes places in the specific area of the body relieving pain, curing ailments or increasing mobility in the affected area. Unlike other Asian massage varieties, reflexology only uses hand and finger movements to carry out the massage with a wooden stick employed at times. Creams and oils are applied to the soles of the feet to increase penetration and aid reflexes that send a burst of energy across the body and rejuvenates the soul from within.

Documented benefits of reflexology practices include improved blood circulation and relieving pain in joints and muscles stressed by disease or excessive exertion. Common conditions such as asthma, migraines, headaches and sinus related illnesses can be cured with extensive reflexology treatments, while an increase in energy is a common by product of a massage session. Returning the body to its natural homeostasis position, foot reflexology massages promote well-being and good health for those with minor health issues as well as those with chronic conditions.

Travellers in search of Bangkok’s finest health and wellness retreats should look no further than COMO Shambhala. Regarded as a superior wellness retreat with a host of healing therapies to suit holidaymakers, this stylish rest is a one of a kind spa resort in the heart of Thailand.

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Naga Pearl Farm in Samui – Luxurious Cultured Pearls

Koh Samui, the third largest island belonging to Thailand is a popular tourist destination due to its pristine white beaches and clear turquoise blue waters. Koh Samui has been a popular destination not only for its wonderful beaches but has been an important stop in the trading world from ancient times.

Modern day travellers who visit this beautiful expanse of beachfront land may take a 20 – 30 minute boat ride to another small island which is home to the well known Naga Pearl Farm.

Legend holds that the island’s natives discovered the beads lying under the surface of the sea and through trade discovered its worth. Since then the farm has acquired a distinction for its cultured pearls that can be bought in a fascinating array of colours, from the usual ivory to a delicate blue and a coral pink.

Visitors arriving by boat are taken through an extensive tour of the intricacies and complexities involved in creating cultured pearls. The development of the nacre is the hardest aspect of creating these pearls and extra attention is given to emphasize this aspect in the tour.

Within the normal 15 year life span of these oysters, one oyster can generate three crops as the full development of pearls to their required texture and size takes up to five years.

Following the tour, visitors are taken to the pearl shop where they have the opportunity of purchasing the pearls or pearl incorporated jewellery which not only is a classic souvenir but also a memorable and valuable one. Guests are also treated to a traditional Thai meal on the beaches before they leave.

The Naga Pearl Farm has been in operation for many years and has not seen a decline in demand for its pearls or its visitors, which attests to its popularity and distinction.

If you intend to visit Thailand and are looking for a beach vacation then Koh Samui would be an ideal choice. A Samui hotel is easy to find however consider opting for a Samui resort such as the luxurious and comfortable Anantara Bophut Koh Samui. As with most resorts and hotels, boat rides, expeditions, excursions and other activities can be easily arranged here.

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Emei Shan – Honouring Buddhist sites along the way

Emei Shan or Mount Emei, an important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists in China, is one of four sacred mountains in the country and is considered a place of enlightenment as well as a place of archaeological importance. Its summit at 3079.3 meters is the highest of all the sacred mountains in the country. To emphasise its association with bodhisattva Samanthabadhra, a massive statue of the bodhisattva is found at the summit, referred to as the Golden Summit. According to historic accounts of the 16th and 17th centuries, martial arts were practiced in monasteries on Mount Emei, the earliest references to Shaolin Monasteries here.

Out of the 76 Ming and Qing Dynasty Buddhist monasteries found near the top of Mount Emei are 10 very old temples. The first Buddhist temple built in China in the first century CE is also located at the summit. First known as Guangxiang Temple, its present name of Huazang was bestowed in the 16th century. The monasteries seem to have consciously adopted a flexible architectural style, ignoring rules laid down for the construction of monasteries, to suit the undulating terrain and the beautiful natural wooded setting. Rather than flattening building sites, many halls of worship are built on terraces while others are raised on stilts. The expert siting of the temples in the natural environment throws light on architectural practices of the time. Many sites are linked by wooden bridges and walkways. The presence of so many religious buildings makes the mountain one of Buddhism’s holiest sites.

Among the ancient artifacts is a 9th century bronze Buddha, a 10th century 7.8 meter Puxian bronze Buddha, a 11th century gilded Amithabha statue group, among others. Over five hundred Han Dynasty tombs from the 1st to 4th centuries with carvings and inscriptions are among the valuable artifacts. Many people go up the mountain via cable car or on foot not only to worship at ancient sacred sites, but also to enjoy the sunrise in its many variations and the so-called cloud sea, which is the spectacle of clouds appearing below the mountain obscuring the surrounding area from view and clouds appearing above it as well. On the subtropical forests on the lower slopes of the mountain are Tibetan Macaques who beg or steal food from visitors. Sub-alpine pine forests cover the top half of the mountain and 2.300 animal species have been recorded here. Due to its archaeological and religious importance, its precious natural scenery and endangered and threatened wildlife, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Anantara hotels, resorts and spas endeavour to give its guests not only a luxurious hotel experience but also to introduce them to the natural beauty and fascinating culture of its many international and several Thai destinations. Stay in the brand’s well-known luxury hotel resorts to experience beautifully designed contemporary accommodation, unique dining experiences and heavenly spa treatments. As one of the world’s leading luxury hotels the Anantara brand offers a choice of much-lauded properties around the globe that puts its guests first.