Abu Dhabi Spa Treatments – Indulging in Luxurious Wellness Therapies

Set amidst stunning desert landscapes, awe-inspiring skyscrapers and exotic wilderness areas, Abu Dhabi provides a variety of settings in which to enjoy spa treatments that are sure to leave you revived and refreshed. The best place to experience this holistic healing is at a spa resort Abu Dhabi has to offer such as Anantara Al Yamm Villas. These luxurious villas in Abu Dhabi can be found on Sir Bani Yas Island and offer guests access to a spa where one can enjoy some personal pampering.

Abu Dhabi spa treatments range from modern beauty therapies to those that draw on ancient healing traditions, some of which are inspired by local Bedouin culture. Some spas feature a Hammam which is a kind of Turkish Bath where one can unwind and feel rejuvenated, while Ayurvedic treatments give you a chance to experience the ancient healing traditions of Asia. An Arabian Massage inspired by Bedouin travellers is also worth experiencing and for something truly unique one can try a Dead Sea mineral treatment that utilises ingredients from the famed Dead Sea.


November, the time to visit Abu Dhabi

While Abu Dhabi is a great place to visit the whole year through, certain periods are better than others and those holidaying here in the month of November have much to look forward to. Of course finding the right accommodation plays a big part in how much you will enjoy your holiday and staying at a spa resort Abu Dhabi has to offer is an option worth considering. Featuring elegant villas in Abu Dhabi, Anantara Al Yamm on Sir Bani Yas Island makes an ideal choice and provides a luxurious getaway set amidst stunning natural beauty.

One of the main reasons that November is such an ideal month to visit Abu Dhabi is the fact that it is the winter season when temperatures average a relatively cool 25C. Much cooler than the sweltering summer months, this is a perfect time to embark on desert adventures including experiencing activities such as dune bashing and safaris. Make sure to bring some warm clothing too since breezes in the evening and night can be quite cold. Apart from the pleasant temperatures of November, this month is also famous for being the time when you can witness the high speed thrills of Formula One at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which takes place at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Wadi Walks on Sir Bani Yas Island – Take a walk on the wild side

Sir Bani Yas Island is a fascinating nature reserve set within the harsh confines of Abu Dhabi’s desert landscape. It is home to many exotic species of animals and birds and the best way to experience these denizens of the animal kingdom is by exploring the walking trails that wind around the island. Nature lovers might want to consider staying at one of the authentic nature villas in Abu Dhabi that feature traditional décor and modern amenities set within a natural paradise. A fabulous spa resort Abu Dhabi features within the confines of the island is the Anantara Al Yamm which actually features an array of spectacular wadi-walks one can embark on to get up close and personal with the island and its fascinating flora and fauna. There are various types of walks that trekkers can take, depending on individual fitness levels as wel as personal preferences, one can take a self-guided walk, a guided walk, or a nature and wildlife walk. All these walks enable one to absorb the breathtaking scenery while burning a few calories at the same time. In a wadi walk, hikers pass through the middle of Sir Bani Yas Island, which is decorated with the natural salt-formed dome hilltops. Pass through unspoiled sand dunes and be transported back in time as you walk past rock corridors peppered with a variety of prehistoric fossils and minerals. For the lone ranger, strike out on your own on a seven-kilometre adventure behind the peaceful mangrove lagoon and maybe come face-to-face with a few flamingos! Marvel at the gorgeous salt-formed dome hilltops, free-roaming wildlife, unique rock structures and the lovely mangrove lake during this hike. For hikers wanting something more detailed, embark on a guided nature tour on the eastern corner of the island, with a guide who’ll reveal the world of Sir Bani Yas Island’s vibrant flora and fauna to you. And watch out, you might spot a tall, gracefully giraffe loping about in the grassland ahead of you. Whatever your trekking taste, Sir Bani Yas Island provides the landscape; all you have to do is walk it!