Traditional Balinese Healing – Beauty Treatments from a By-Gone Era

The entire nation of Indonesia is a wondrous place that is deeply immersed in tradition, and lying at the centre of all this wonderful heritage, is the island of Bali. If you’re seeking wellness activities like no other, then Bali is definitely the place for you. With many luxurious places to stay that can cater to varying budgets, Bali is a tropical paradise that is sure to soothe and spoil.

These beauty rituals of the Indonesian people date back thousands of years and revolve around the use of a substance known as Jamu. The knowledge of these ancient medications have been passed down through generations of practitioners and until recently, have only been practiced in select locations. Nowadays, one can obtain these traditional treatments at the many luxury resorts around Bali such as Como Shambhala.

The traditional spa boutiques are located along the primary strips in Kuta, Seminyak and Legian. There are various therapeutic experiences one can indulge in at these spas, and the most popular of which, is a Balinese massage. This particular massage is an amalgamation of therapeutic treatments stemming from India and China and involves the relaxation of select pressure points, stimulation of nerve endings, and the rejuvenation of tired muscle groups.

Moving to something more exotic, ‘Shirodara’ is an ayurvedhic treatment that is meant to ease a troubled mind. It involves an hour of lying flat on a bed while a small but steady stream of warm oil is poured over your forehead, which is said to ease the third eye. The treatment is known to cure headaches and even insomnia.

These are a but a few of the many traditional wellness techniques that are available within the tropical paradise of Bali, so be sure to inquire about the one best suited for you on your next visit.

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Hot River Stone Massage – One of the best therapies to relax and rejuvenate

Hot stone massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body.The hot stones are usually made of basalt, a type of rock that is rich in iron, so they retain heat. River rocks are normally used because they are smooth – they are smoothed over time by the river current. Como Shambhala has one of the best wellness massage, and they have an excellent hot river stone massage to relax and unwind and to soothe the body and soul. COMO Shambhala’s powerfully therapeutic Hot River Stone Massage uses smooth warm oiled rocks that glide along muscles, correcting tensions at the deepest level, soothing knots in the muscles and working with dynamic stretches. Como Shambhala is located at a very scenic and tranquil location, offering peace and privacy for their guests, only a handful of exclusive guests will be entertained at this beautiful hotel.

The warmth of the stones increases circulation, relaxing your muscle tissues and allowing your therapist to effectively massage even deeper muscles. When we combine Hot Stone techniques with a Full Body massage, you experience the healing effects of reduced pain from chronic conditions, decreased stress and tension, increased flexibility, improved circulation and an overall sensation of relaxation and warmth. A hot stone massage, however, takes a lot of skill and sensitivity on the part of the therapist.

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Hydrotherapy for a deeply therapeutic experience An age – old art of healing that soothes the mind, body and soul

Today, many are of the view that the best way to rejuvenate and release stress and aches is a comforting massage at a Spa. However, there are many other touch therapies that not only revive the mind, body and soul but are also used as unique and proven healing methods. For instance, Hydrotherapy which is also known as Hydropathy is a gentle form of healing or treatment method executed with the use of water. It is known as one of the most effective ways of healing ailments and diseases such as arthritis, muscle pains, acne, sleep disorders and even depression. With a history that dates back as far as the ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese civilizations, Hydrotherapy involves a less strenuous method of exercise done in a warm pool of water.

However, it is interesting to note that there is only a handful of health and wellness retreats in the world that can offer Hydrotherapy that is on par with global standards. If ‘overall health’ is the focus for your next vacation, try award winning wellness retreats to soothe your mind, body and soul like never before. For instance, you can stay at any of the COMO Shambhala wellness retreats located around the world.

Hydrotherapy is a simple yet effective way of healing. It can calm a restless mind and put a fatigued body at ease in an inconceivable way. Hydrotherapy has no age limit and involves a wide scope of techniques that can be used or adapted according to the different requirements and diseases of various individuals. It is an age-old form of healing that reminds us of the importance of relaxation and tranquility that our body, mind and spirit yearns for from time to time. There are different types of Hydrotherapy techniques that helps revitalise and stimulate the processes in the body, especially the blood circulation. For a deep and soothing therapeutic experience, you can try warm water baths, Turkish bath, hot fomentation or sitz baths.

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