Scuba Diving In Pondicherry – Home to a few Amazing Diving Spots

Pondicherry, which recently changed its name to Puducherry, is a city found in the southern part of India. Small in size, the city was once a French colony and the French influence is fairly obvious in the older regions, although the French influence has also seeped into the newly built parts of the city as well. The city, with its European feel, may come as a shock to visitors who have spent time visiting the culturally rich, aesthetically distinct south. However, the differences are mostly cosmetic and Pondicherry is truly an Indian city filled with all the things tourists love about the country.

The city is full of interesting things to see, although those who want to take a break from sightseeing and do something adventurous can try their hand at scuba diving. There are a few amazing diving spots found just off the coast of Pondicherry and tourists are sure to enjoy exploring them. It does not matter whether one is a veteran diver or a complete beginner as there are many diving centres in the city which conducts scuba diving courses.

The best time to go scuba diving is between January and May and also between September and November. Since there are many diving centres to choose from, one can look for the place that provides the most facilities. Fish one may come across include trigger fish, angel fish, banner fish and even several species of sharks.

Scuba diving is a highly thrilling activity, perfect for adventure and nature lovers. Those who would rather not go scuba diving can try snorkelling instead. One may not come across much sea life this way but the waters off the coast of Pondicherry are abundant with marine fauna and it is possible to observe a fair cross section of them this way.

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