Safaris in Koh Samui – Experience the Adventure and Culture of Thailand

Most visitors are surprised by the natural diversity found in Koh Samui. The hilly areas, the sandy beaches and the forests make it a perfect destination for safaris. There are so many options and choices for visitors to the island. The elephant trekking safari is one of the most popular tours. Elephants are an integral part of life in Koh Samui and they assist the people with trekking through the forest, carrying timber and as forms of transport for people to travel around the island. The native people of Koh Samui have travelled on an elephant’s back for many years; it was one of the main modes of transport in the island. The elephant trekking safari offers the local experience to all visitors and tourists. Guests are launched onto the back of the elephant where you get to sit on a seat made from cane. The tour guides then take you on a journey across the forest where you can see the natural landscape of the island, take pictures of wild animals and even take a break and rest at a stream or river.

There are also eco adventures and snorkelling tours which visitors can try out. The snorkelling tours are spectacular because the ocean surrounding Koh Samui is blue shallow waters. There is a colourful reef that is home to some of the most fascinating sea creatures. Whale sharks, sting rays and sea turtles are abundant. You can even swim right next to the animals when you go snorkelling. It is a unique experience you should not miss out on if you visit Koh Samui.

Another interesting tour that explores the island of Koh Samui is the jungle safari. Tour guides point out tropical animals and reptiles that inhabit the island and let you have a closer look at them. There are venomous snakes, crocodiles, elephants and deer in the forests. If you like the thrill of adventure then you should sign up for a jungle safari. Visitors who want to explore Koh Samui should arrange for accommodation at a Koh Samui resort.From all options available a Chaweng hotel would have a range of package deals for safaris and tours. A place that can be recommended is Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui. Their luxurious rooms and services will ensure that you have a pleasant stay in Thailand.

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Wat Phra Yai- the golden wonder

Famed for pristine beaches with plenty of coconut fronds along, Samui is one of the main tourist destinations in Thailand. Apart from the sea, sand and sun the temple Wat Phra Yai grabs the attention of travellers and locals alike as it houses one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world.
This amazing golden replica of Lord Buddha pervades the land as well as the sky with its splendour and tranquillity. The enormous statue is 12 metres high and sits inside the temple grounds giving the temple its name “Big Buddha”. This marvellous Buddha statue is one that has long been drawing hordes of curious of visitors.

The view from the temple is so spectacular that many tourists visit it at sunset as it gives stunning photo opportunities. Besides the mesmerizing Buddha statue the stairway that leads the way to the statue is also noteworthy. The serpent called Naga is carved on to the stairway to give a more authentic element to the temple. The serpent sculptured beneath the Buddha symbolizes Lord Buddha subduing Mara, in other words, the Buddha not giving in to temptations.

The view from the viewing platform is captivating as it offers picturesque views of the surrounding beaches and the island of Koh Phangan to the North. At night the temple is simply breathtaking as it gets lit up by spotlights, giving the statue of Buddha a magical manifestation against the beautiful ocean.
There is also a meditation centre in the temple that will help you reach mental bliss. The Buddhist devotees honour this temple as they believe paying a visit to it will grant their wishes while respecting the Lord Buddha. There are also shops, stalls and restaurants are in the vicinity at your service.

While you explore the beautiful city of Samui, residing at a Samui resort will be the best option. When searching a Samui hotel it is important to find the ideal hotel that caters to all your holiday requirements. Hence try the amazing Anantara Bophut Koh Samui that offers a pleasurable experience to travellers within their luxurious premises. So head over to Samui and indulge in an authentic Thai experience.

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Samui Nature Trails – Exploring the Forests of Samui, Thailand

Thailand is situated in Southeast Asia, bordering Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Known for its exotic food, excellent beaches and rich culture, Thailand is a tourist favourite. Travellers who want to enjoy the best beaches that Thailand has to offer usually head over to Phuket. However, there are several lesser known islands that also have great beaches. Tourists who want to enjoy good beaches without having to put up with large crowds can try vacationing in Koh Samui.

The island of Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, roughly eighty kilometres off the Southern Thailand coast. This tropical island is quite big and is known for its exceptional beauty. There are some excellent beaches found around the coast where one can try out various water sports. However, the fun does not stop there as one can find plenty of things to do further inland as well.

Much of the inner regions of Samui is covered in lush forest and is home to an astounding variety of wildlife. Nature lovers keen on exploring these areas can hike along the many nature trails that have already been established or go off the beaten track with a personal guide. Those who would rather not walk can rent out a bicycle instead.

While Samui may not be as developed as Phuket, it still boasts excellent facilities. Finding accommodation on Samui is an easy task as there are many places to choose from. The harder part is deciding which beach to stay near. Those who want to enjoy the island’s terrific nightlife should consider accommodation near the Lamai or Chaweng beach, while those who want a quieter vacation can try staying near Mae Nam. As for those who desire a beach that is quiet but also has a great nightlife, the Bophut area is the ideal choice.

Travellers looking for a good Samui resort can try the Anantara Bophut Koh Samui which is situated on a quite stretch of beach, a world away from all troubles and worries. This Samui hotel boasts excellent facilities for water sports and has a terrific spa. It is the ideal place to stay for those who want to sit back, relax and enjoy their vacation.