Crystal Clear Waters of Ayn Khor Waterfall – Nature at its most serene!

The southern region of Dhofar in Oman is geographically diverse, and the climate here varies throughout the year, resulting in a beautiful topography that blossoms into life. During the prime season, Ayn Khor, a stunning waterfall, comes into life and attracts thousands of visitors. Want to learn more about the crystal-clear waters of Ayn Khor waterfall?

1). The Seasons of Ayn Khor

The Khareef season starts in June and goes on until September and this is certainly the season to visit Ayn Khor. Consistent rain transforms this region into one of greenery and waterfalls appear out of nowhere as if by magic!

2). Facts About Ayn Khor

The waterfall begins from the top of Wadi Jardum, several kilometres away from the second biggest city in Oman, Salalah. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended when visiting the location! If you’re looking for Salalah hotels while you explore, there are many to pick from like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara for instance.

3). The Beauty of Ayn Khor

When heavy rainfall occurs at the source of the waterfall, expect to hear the sound of Ayn Khor from over kilometres away! Crystal clear water is collected in beautiful rocky pools that seductively invites visitors.

4). Warnings at Ayn Khor

Several people have had accidents here, so swimming is not encouraged! Please be wary of kids who may venture in.

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Visiting Mystical Oman – Be Prepared to be Stunned!

Oman is a nation that boasts vibrant culture and it is a nation that highly treasures its moral values. Apart from its culture, that the nation offers its visitors a lot to see and explore. Read on to know more about visiting this mystical country.


Oman is a country located in the borders of the UAE, located on the far corners of the Arabian desert, the country is made up of expansive dunes of sand, green ravines, oases, that are fringed with palm trees, extensive mountain ranges and a stunning coastline making it one of the most sought over destinations in the world.

Getting Around

Getting around in Oman is pretty easy but since the nation is fairly large you might end up spending more time in travel if you lack proper planning. Public transport here includes buses and trains; you could also find taxies in popular cities.

Accommodation options

Oman is home to a myriad of resort accommodations scattered throughout the nation. Some of them are located in the midst of most beautiful and serene locations to provide you with a memorable as well as a relaxing vacation experience. Salalah hotels are known the world over for their extravagance – they provide you with amazing holiday experience and Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara are one of such resorts and an option worth considering for your stay.

Places to visit

If you are wondering about places you could visit here, Masirah Island, Bahala, Salalah, Jebel Akdhar, Wahiba sands are some of the must-visit destinations in Oman but be sure to plan your travel route according to your itinerary.

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Tawi Atair Cenote in Beautiful Salalah – The ‘Well of Birds’ Sinkhole

The largest governorate in the Sultanate of Oman, Dhofar houses a large cenote which is known by the name ‘Tawi Atair’. The locals previously believed the sinkhole was created by a meteorite, however, the sinkhole was created through karst processes.

The famous sinkhole

Found among the Qara mountains, Tawi Atair is a rather remarkable limestone formation. The depth of this sinkhole is similar to that of a 60-floor building, it’s an impressive structure with vertical walls. Approximately 58.4 km from central Salalah, this cenote can be reached in less than an hour from Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara.

Reaching the site

There are two main routes which you can take in order to get to the destination; one is to take the mountain route after Taqa and the other option is the route from the Anti-Gravity point. It’s best if you double check with any Salalah Hotels that you are staying at for the quickest way to get there.

Unique Species of fish

A new species of fish was discovered in the lake of the sinkhole. The new type of fish was found in 1980 and was named after the individual that made the discovery; a researcher is well known for exploring the Arabian caves, Andy Dunsire.

Well of birds

The Tawi Atair sinkhole is also known as the ‘well of birds’; for obvious reasons, there are numerous birds living in this sinkhole. It’s an unusual sight in Oman for a large number of singing birds to be found in one place.


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