Thrilling & Invigorating Jungle Safari in Koh Samui

The attractive Thai island of Koh Samui has acquired a well-earned reputation as a recognized tourist destination. Many tourists from all around the world arrive at this tropical island to experience and enjoy its natural assets and laidback ambience. Travellers who intend to visit the locality will be pleased by choosing a hotel in Samui that will provide convenient accommodations, particularly a Lawana Koh Samui Resort & Spa which will meet your expectations.

To truly appreciate the natural splendour of this enchanting island however, you should undoubtedly undertake an invigorating jungle safari. Participants will have the opportunity to experience many kinds of interesting sights on this kind of leisure tour. As you might expect, this kind of tour will take you trekking in the lush local jungles, but visitors will have the opportunity to explore this pristine environment from the lofty vantage point of the back of an elephant. This is certainly a spectacular way to take in the sights of the forest, and you will see the verdant expanses and jungle creatures from an amazing elevated position. You will also have the chance to trek through the jungle on foot, and may also observe beautiful features of nature such as waterfalls and natural pools.

However the safari may include much more than a sedate trek through the local forest. In addition to this experience many safaris will include many other local highlights on their programme. You will be able to witness unusual aspects of the local culture, such as elephant shows. In these shows trained elephants, including appealing baby elephants show off their performances to the admiration of the audience. Another interesting sight is the spectacle of trained monkeys picking coconuts, which is not readily seen in other regions of the world.

Visitors will also be able to view the sights of the Thai countryside including a number of fascinating temples. One of these features a monk which has been mummified, who remains in the position in which he breathed his last.

No visit to Thailand would be complete without sampling the delectable local cuisine, and many safari providers offer a delicious Thai meal as part of the package.