Royal Palaces in England – sources of history

Discover absorbing tales of ancient monarchies and learn of the present state of rule in England by embarking on your very own tour of some of the most intriguing and iconic palaces the country boasts of. Offering you easy access to many a palace, Jetwing Holidays with its tours from Sri Lanka should be consulted if one requires to go on a holiday through these ancient works of art. Such England holiday tours from Sri Lanka will leave you with a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment that you are not bound to find anywhere else.

Arguably the finest of them all! Buckingham Palace which is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd is one of the most wonderful sights in the world. Take a tour during the English summer when the State Rooms are kept open for the viewing pleasure of the public. Observe the numerous gifts that the Queen has received while being amazed by the furnishings and paintings by famous names that adorn its walls. Also head over to Kensington Gardens that houses Kensington Palace which is the birthplace of Queen Victoria while having once served as the residence of the late Princess Diana. Visit the Cupola Room which was where Princess Victoria was christened. However a tour of palace would not be complete without one paying a visit to the Orangery and Sunken Garden which played host to numerous forms of court entertainment during the time of Queen Anne. With its stunning riverside backdrop the Tower of London is next on the list of royal palaces in the English capital. Having once been at the centre of many executions, the palace with over 100 years of history is truly worth the tour. Be awed by the royal jewels, diamonds and crowns enshrined in the Jewel and Martin Towers or inspect the weaponry of King Henry VIII and the torture mechanisms found within the White Tower. Those in Surrey, London must consider touring the iconic Hampton Court Palace which is one of the oldest surviving Tudor palaces in the country. From the beauty of its riverside gardens to its immaculate combination of Tudor and Baroque architecture, the palace is simply a stunning display of ancient England.

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