Potters of Koh Kret – Famed artists with a unique style

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The square shaped island of Koh Kret, sometimes referred to as Ko Kred, is located in the Chao Phraya River. It lies twenty kilometres north of Bangkok in Nonthaburi Province. The man-made island came into existence in 1772 as a result of a canal being dug out to create a shortcut that bypassed a curve in the Om Kret section of the Chao Phraya River. It is a mere two kilometres long and one kilometre wide.

The Koh Kret Island is home to the Mon Tribes who have a unique identity that is based in their own interpretation of Buddhism. They have also created their own style of intricately carved pottery, known as ‘Kwan Arman’. The potters reside in a rustic village with modest wooden dwellings. The baked, unglazed red clay pottery is available for sale in the multitude of dedicated shops. Walking around the island you will see as many as twenty pottery workshops. Watch the potters at work, carving designs into the clay and then firing the pieces in kilns. The pottery of Koh Kret is held in high regard throughout the country. The Pieces are sold at high prices, which increase with intricacy and size. A popular souvenir, the incense burner, which scatters lights through cutout patterns, can cost about two hundred baht.

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