Singapore River Cruises- Discover the old charm!

Whether you are on business or leisure, travellers to Singapore will never get bored of its exciting attractions and numerous things to do. An ideally located Orchard Road hotel Singapore would let you make the most of your stay as it gives you easy access to top attractions in the city. Orchard Hotel Singapore is a luxury hotel Singapore has to offer to its visitors who are in search of comforts during the Singapore holiday. Fun loving holidaymakers to the city can take up a Singapore river cruise and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the Singapore river banks. Original bumboats of olden days would definitely enhance the experience of cruising in Singapore and a journey down the river promises to offer a different perspective of the new Singapore city while you discover the old charm.

Luxury Cruises from/ to Singapore – A Sailing Paradise in the Ocean

Singapore; a land that boasts many wonders; it is the picture perfect holiday destination regardless of who you are travelling with. Whether you are looking for that romantic getaway or that fun filled adventure time with the family, Singapore has it all. There is one thing in Singapore that has most certainly hit the charts in popularity. It is none other than the Singapore Cruises that operate to and from this fantastic holiday destination.

For decades the Singapore Cruises has been renowned as the ultimate affordable luxury Cruise. Several different ships are available in this island that caters to different packages; in both destination and facilities. It is like haven floating in the Sea. With the vast blue Ocean as your backdrop and array of fun activities lined up, you are sure to be awed, thrilled and thoroughly entertained. What you decide to do really depends on who you travel with. For romance there are several luxury cabins that boast an array of facilities, some equipped with their very own private Jacuzzis as well. The large windows with fantastic views of the ocean all add to the scenic and tranquil ambience that these cruise ships are so famously known for. Room service is also available and the food is always absolutely scrumptious. With a wide variety of choices, you are sure to feel like royalty on the Ocean. Then for the children there are an array of games, the pool, a tv station and what not. The kids will love indulging in all these activities while taking a quick peak over the deck at the sparkling blue ocean. Those with keen eyes may even spot a fish or two while gazing at the ocean.

The Cruises are only one in the many amazing wonders and attractions of Singapore. While you stop by in this fabulous holiday hub choose to stay at an Orchard Road hotel Singapore has. The Orchard Hotel Singapore is by far the best hotel Singapore proudly boasts as its own. Stay a night at this hotel and all the luxury and comfort you will experience will only make you second this statement.