Luxury Shopping in the Heart of Sri Lanka – Exquisite Creations for the Savvy Shopper

In Sri Lanka, you will find a host of outstanding shopping opportunities for the lover of luxury goods, including the exclusive boutiques described below which will capture your imagination.


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Golden Needle

This outstanding clothing store is noteworthy for its remarkable selection of Indian as well as Pakistani attire for the contemporary woman who appreciates ethnic fashion. The stylish clothing to be found here will undoubtedly entrance the modern lady.


The well-reputed Rithihi will strike the interest of the shopper interested in traditional and ethnic wear. It specializes in attractive saris, of which you will find an extensive selection here. Situated in convenient reach of this shop is One Galle Face which will soon offer a Colombo shopping mall with such exclusive shopping options as well.


When it comes to menswear the place to go to in Sri Lanka is Hameedia, which offers an excellent collection of stylish clothing for the man of today. Irrespective of whether you desire smart casual or formal clothing or attire for a special occasion, Hameedia will not disappoint with its glamorous selection of apparel.

Suriya Home Decor

At this appealing store, you will find home decor that combines the Sri Lankan heritage with modern designs. Here you will encounter craftwork, art and furniture that have been painstakingly created by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka. You will have the opportunity to choose from an extensive selection of exquisite creations at this boutique.

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Reasons why you should visit Colombo – Exciting City Discoveries

The commercial capital of Sri Lanka and the heart of the nation’s business and entertainment sectors, Colombo is a tourist-friendly destination.

One of the great features of Colombo is that it is great for shopping. Along Galle Road, Colombo’s main trunk road, there are numerous small shops and departments stores offering a wide range of goods and other services. One of the best places to visit for a one of a kind shopping experience is Pettah. Pettah is a large commercial area set in a network of interconnected streets which are full of shops offering goods both in bulk and in retail. These busy streets are known for having shops offering cheap items ranging from clothing material, stationary, plastic goods, metal ware, toys, bags and luggage, and footwear. Pettah is famous for its bargaining culture, so you can be sure to work out some great deals. Other shopping landmarks include Crescat Boulevard, Majestic City, Arcade – Independence Square, ODEL, Orchard Shopping Complex, the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, House of Fashion, and the Liberty Plaza Shopping Complex.

Colombo is also home to many amazing restaurants and bars. Offering cuisines such as Chinese, Western, Italian, German, Indian and traditional Sri Lankan, Colombo is dotted with many amazing restaurants. Many 5 star hotels in Colombo such as the One Galle Face have their own signature restaurants which are great for enjoying exquisite meals. Colombo also has a decent nightlife. Apart from the above-mentioned lounges, there are a few nifty nightclubs which are very popular. During the weekends try and make your way to nightclubs such as Floor by O and Disques, which are usually packed with young people. The night clubs operate till approximately 4.00am on special nights, so you can be assured that you can party all night long while in Colombo.

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Colombo by Day and Night – A City That Never Sleeps

Colombo by Day and Night, Image Credit: One Galle Face

While Sri Lanka may be all about the beaches, exotic wildlife, rich culture and historic sites, a visit to the commercial capital Colombo reveals a whole other side to this cosmopolitan city. This is a metropolis where East and West coexist in a cultural melting pot that has given Colombo a unique identity. The great thing is that be it day or night, there is always something to do here from going on an all out shopping spree to enjoying street food in the wee hours of the morning after a night of clubbing.

The changing face of the city is evident from the many luxury apartments in Colombo that have come up along the main road known as Galle Road. Driving along this road will take you to two popular malls namely Majestic City and Crescat where you can enjoy some shopping. During the day also plan to visit the National Museum for some historical insights and the Pettah open market area where you can have fun getting “lost” in the maze of streets amidst vendors who vie for your attention.

As the day draws to a close you can head to Galle Face Green and witness a sunset by the sea. Located beside the up and coming One Galle Face, this coastal area is popular amongst locals who can be seen here flying kites, having picnics and just enjoying time by the sea. It is also a great spot to sample some typical Sri Lankan street food, “kottu rotti” (chopped up godhamba roti fried with vegetables and meats) and “isso wade” (deep fried shrimp snack) in particular.

Night time sees the city take on a whole new outlook, with Colombo illuminated in light and a different kind of buzz pulsing through its roads and streets. Cafe culture is big here and there are plenty of cafes to enjoy snacks, desserts, drinks and all manner of dishes. You will find some good 3D cinemas if you want to catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, while for local plays look to see what’s playing at the well known Lionel Wendt Theatre. For dinner head to beach areas like Mount Lavinia where you can dine by the shore; after, head to one of Colombo’s popular bars or nightclubs like Disques, Floor By O, Clique and R&B for a fun night out on the town.

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