Victorian Arts Centre – illuminating performing arts through the years.

The thrilling evolution of performing arts is celebrated at the Victorian arts Centre. It is upheld as Australia’s foremost Arts Centre and captivates artists and tourists alike. Its five theatres are spread across a large expanse of land in the suburb of Southbank, Melbourne.If you plan on experiencing the enlightening past and iridescent present of the Victorian Arts Centre, you can choose to stay at Oaks on Collins. Despite the tight competition among Hotels in Melbourne CBD,the hotel offers an experience that is akin to a stay at an apartment in New York. Described as a hotel apartment complex, it is a popular choice for those who wish to tour the area for relatively long periods. This is a call to venture out of the busy streets of Melbourne and into the aesthetic paradise of the Victorian Arts Centre.

The past of the Victorian Arts Centre becomes hauntingly real once you take a Phantom of the Theatre Ghost Tour. On the last Friday of every month,ghostly stories are retold and old productions float out of the realm of memories and into the mind’s eye of visitors. You are assured to havea goose bumpy ride into the past of the Arts Centre.

Excited to know what happens behind the curtains? The Victorian Arts Centre also offers a backstage tour. You will be informed about the technical aspects of performance. The grandeur of the state theatre does not fail to impress, as one imagines the spectacle the state ballet and orchestra creates on its stage. The four other theatres are equally astounding as their structures and seating arrangements cater to a variety of performances.

Spend a lazy Sunday at the Victorian Arts Centre’s Sunday market. Artists sell their artwork while the smell of delicacies wafts through the air. It is the ideal place to unwind after a busy week.The casual atmosphere of the Sunday market and the grand buildings of the Art Centre are remarkable. Yet it’s the performances that lend themselves to the magnificence of the Victorian Arts Centre.

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Collins Street and Little Collins Street – One of the most upscale streets in Melbourne

Little Collins Street is a minor street in the central business district (CBD) of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The street runs parallel to and to the north of Collins Street and as a narrow one way lane takes on the name of the wider main street. The street has many boutique shops and bars in lanes at the ‘Paris End’ and offices towards the Docklands end. Howey Place, Royal Arcade and The Causeway are notable arcades. The Oaks on Lonsdale is located close by to the Collins and Little Collins Street. This luxury hotel is one of the best of the Melbourne Apartment Accommodation. The Oaks on Lonsdale is conveniently located at the heart of Melbourne, nearby are Parliament House, the Government Precinct, Theatre District, the MCG and Rod Laver Arena. This elegant hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travelers, each bedroom comes with their own separate fully-equipped kitchens and with stainless steel SMEG appliances and balconies.

Collins Street is proper for its designer stores in heritage buildings, five-star hotels, private clubs and exclusive jewelers. It boasts its very own ‘Paris End’ and is often referred to as ‘the top end of town’. Tourists can head in this direction for the flagship stores of Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton. If it’s time to add something local to your designer outfit, so veer out of the mainstream and into to the Little Collins Street and Howey Place for haute couture and hip culture, and clothes by Melbourne’s most interesting designers. Guests can look out for the hidden bars on Collins and Little Collins. Tourists can sip cocktails at Hairy Canary, have a G&T at the Gin Palace, munch on tostadas and tequila at Mamasita, or for late night revelry catch a band at the infamous Pony Bar.

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Collins Street, Melbourne – The Most Famous Street in the City

estled in the heart of England lies the village of Bibury in Gloucestershire, which is home to the Cotswold Stone Cottages known as Arlington Row. Easily one of the most photographed streets in the world, the Arlington Row has become an icon of the United Kingdom. Another scenic street is found in the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen where the streets are painted blue. A truly gorgeous sight to behold, the bright blue streets are complimented by the lighter shades of blue used to paint the walls of the houses and buildings making the city a beautiful place to visit. Other iconic streets are seen in San Francisco where the crooked Lombard Street prompts many to flock there, and the streets along the canals in Lijiang, China. These streets are immensely beautiful, either architecturally or due to natural formations and are easily amongst the most photographed in the world. For tourists staying in hotels in Melbourne CBD, one of the most beautiful streets is Collins Street found in the very heart of Melbourne.

Given that it is one of the most well known streets, it cannot be too difficult to find and one can simply inquire from their hotel if there is a doubt as to accessing it. For those residing at Oaks On Collins, however, the street is right outside the hotel.

Collins Street preserves some of the best examples of Victorian architecture in Australia and stretches for over a mile. A stroll along the street is a pleasant experience and the manner in which the Victorian architecture blends with the modern buildings is an interesting sight. The street is also peppered with theatres and boutiques for shopping and really should not be traversed without a camera to capture the architectural beauty. Collins Street is also home to a number of large banks and companies making it the ideal place to reside in especially if you are in Melbourne for business.

Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe. Google+

National Gallery of Victoria, an outstanding art showcase

The captivating city of Melbourne is always a fascinating metropolis to explore, offering many attractions for the visitor. For visitors to the city an excellent Melbourne family accommodation would be the well-reputed Oaks On Market, a comfortable rest which provides well-furnished rooms and gracious hospitality.

Any visitor to Melbourne who has an interest in the artistic sphere should make it a point to visit the splendid National Gallery of Victoria. This well-known institution which was opened to the public in 1861 has the distinction of being the initial public museum of its kind to be established in the nation of Australia. This groundbreaking institution which is considered to be the nation’s premier art museum now occupies two separate sites; namely the NGV International and the Ian Potter Centre. These two extensive galleries are located in proximity to each other and each features a magnificent selection of quality artworks. The National Gallery is renowned for its acclaimed exhibitions which attract a large number of visitors.

NGV International is well-known for its comprehensive selection of artworks from cultures as far-flung as Greece, Ancient Egypt and Rome as well as an entire gallery devoted to Oceanic cultures from the Pacific region. You will find a collection of drawings and prints numbering almost 16,000 as well as an outstanding compilation of Asian and European decorative works. Not to be missed is NGV International’s splendid collection of British and European paintings which span a time period of from 1200 to the present day.

Meanwhile the Ian Potter Centre is the very first significant gallery on the globe to focus exclusively on Australian artworks. This establishment’s collection runs the gamut from the Colonial era to the art of the present day, including drawings, prints, photography, fashion and decorative art. You will also find a number of galleries devoted to Aboriginal art. This engrossing institution is an ideal place for art lovers to gain a genuine insight into the rich artistic traditions of Australia.

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Discovering the Joy of Art at the Melbourne Fine Art Gallery!

Be you an art aficionado, art collector or someone who just loves to look at “arty” stuff, then a visit to the Melbourne Fine Art Gallery is just the thing for you when next in the city! This charming little gallery can be found on Collins Street and if you are in search of a Melbourne serviced apartment nearby, Citadines on Bourke Melbourne is an option worth considering. Offering centrally located Melbourne serviced accommodation this well placed property makes an ideal base for your city adventures. Showcasing works by Australian artists as well as creations from around the world, the Melbourne Fine Art Gallery gives you a chance to view art works ranging from 18th century to the present. Some of these works may have not achieved the fame they deserve, but offer a truly fascinating viewing experience and give you a chance to purchase something unique. Open from Monday to Friday, the Melbourne Fine Art Gallery is also connected to the MiFA Asian Pacific Contemporary Gallery which you will find here as well, promising a fun day of art browsing!

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