What to consider when choosing your wedding car – Tips to find your perfect wedding car!

Every aspect of planning a wedding can prove to be stressful because perfection on the big day is important to any couple! Transport for the bride and groom is no exception. Here are a few helpful tips to follow;

Image by Anneli Salo, Wedding car in Tallinn August 2007 H2093, CC BY-SA 3.0

Consider the times

It is important to decide at exactly what times you will be needing your transport and for how long you will need it when it comes to selecting wedding cars. In Sri Lanka, most ceremonies would be scheduled in the morning, therefore, transport will be necessary for the morning to get to the church/reception hall.

Consider the theme

Make sure your wedding car matches the theme of your wedding. The trend at present is vintage cars. You may find a suitable package from car rentals like Malkey Rent a Car.

Chauffeuring services

Remember to inquire with your car rental company if they are able to provide a chauffeur and how the price might be. If it is within your budget, this could save you the hassle of looking for a driver or getting family or friends involved.

Check the availability

Keep in mind that even wedding car companies may get bookings well in advance. There is no harm in prioritizing your wedding transport once you’ve found a company that caters to your requirement.


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Travel by Renting a Luxury Car in Sri Lanka – Take the Island for all its Worth!

One of the best ways to truly complement an international adventure is by procuring a vehicle which will allow you to discover a wondrous place at your own pace and volition.

Image Credit: Malkey Rent a Car

Driving in Sri Lanka

Be warned that driving in Sri Lanka is not for the faint of heart. Although it may not be the worst place to drive in the world, traffic can become congested during certain times, and you’re bound to encounter many unruly bus and tuk-tuk drivers.


Sri Lanka has recently developed a series of highways that provide easy access to some of the most popular areas of the country. This makes travel very convenient and definitely much less daunting.

Driving License

Obtaining an international driver’s license is not that difficult nowadays, and one can be obtained from various institutions nearby to you. Be sure to check with any auto-clubs in your neighbourhood.

Procuring a Car and Driver

There’s a host of places that offer cars for hire in Sri Lanka, where you can choose from a range of automobiles. Some places such as Malkey Rent a Car even have a range of classic cars. Most places also have the option of hiring a driver if you choose to avoid the hassle of driving on Sri Lankan roads.

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