Maldivian Spa Retreat – Unwind and relax with a spa treatment in the Maldives

The word spa immediately conjures an image of luxurious setting, soft music, cool breeze, aromatic scents and warm oil amidst the relieving of stress and a sheer sense of relaxation. However the origin of the word spa mainly relates to the curative powers of water – especially hot and cold natural springs. Pre-historic records show us that mineral water and natural springs were associated with healing, cleansing and purification – both spiritual and physical. This belief was wide spread amongst various races and religions. It was therefore a popular practice to travel to areas which were blessed with such luxury sources of water.
Today, a spa no longer means communal bathing rituals associated with healing. Instead spas have become more about relaxation and rejuvenation which in turn leads to a sense of healing. The spa rituals include a form of bathing – either in a hot spring, cold spring, hot tub and a steam bath and sauna. Treatments offered include mud baths, herbal infusions, wraps and by extension various forms of aromatherapy treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, Balinese, Swedish and Thai massage technique treatments.
Various cultures and their practices have had a lasting impact on the forms and types of treatment available at these spas. Each of these treatments have their own unique set of advantages and benefits and a true spa lover should definitely experience a mix of these treatments in order to truly appreciate the value of such an experience.
The Maldives being a destination associated with romance, beauty and luxury is a natural spa resort destination catering to all types of spa requirements. The idyllic natural surrounding is a further benefit of the destination. Whilst there are many types of resorts available for accommodation in the Maldives, most Maldives island resorts cater to the spa needs of their visitors. When looking for a Maldives hotel from which to base yourself, make sure that if a spa retreat is one of your main purposes in visiting the Maldives, that your hotel caters to that need. Naladhu Maldives is a luxurious resort that would be an ideal choice for such a need and that provides the right facilities and amenities to suit your every whim.

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