Tourism Impact on Maldives Corals – Deterioration of a fragile ecosystem

Coral reefs are one of nature’s most fragile ecosystems; even the tiniest disturbances in the water could affect this astonishing marine creature. The Maldives is an archipelago, that is composed of atolls which are home to a variety of corals. Today the island nation is facing difficulties in safeguarding this resource. Read on to know why.

Corals in the Maldives

Almost all the islands of the Maldives are formed by corals over thousands of years. The islands are still surrounded by colonies of these marvellous creatures and they are an integral part of the marine ecosystem of Maldives.

The threat

Corals as mentioned earlier, are very sensitive creatures, even the tiniest fluctuations in the water quality or temperate can destroy a whole colony of these organisms. With more and more tourists arriving at the Maldives, more pollutants and excrement are released into the ocean by boats and from resorts that eventually damage these fragile ecosystems.


If you are wondering what Oxybenzone is, it is a common chemical ingredient used to make sunscreens and it is known to be one of the major causes for the deterioration of reefs. Why? That is because just a mere drop of this substance is enough to cause toxic effects on a whole colony of corals.

Efforts of conservations

Seeing the destruction caused to the corals and other marine life, the government of Maldives has implemented strict regulations and laws in order to conserve these organisms. Maldives Resorts the likes of Anantara Veli Maldives Resort are also taking serious measures and contributing to the cause by running their operations in an eco-friendly manner.

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A world-class destination – The Maldives wins one of the most prestigious awards in the industry of tourism!

The Maldives has been selected as the best seven-star destination on the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards that took place on the October 6 at the Capsis Out of the Blue Elite Resort in Crete, Greece. It is worth noting that the archipelago competed head-on with world-class destinations such as Seychelles, Dubai, Singapore and Mauritius to win the Seal of excellence, known as the Signum Virtutis, in the seven-star Destination category. The award was received by the Maldives ambassador Switzerland, Dr Hala Hameed who represented the country. This was the third time the title has been awarded to the Maldives after the years 2013 and 2014. The Maldives already being a world-class destination, securing this award will enhance the image of the destination bringing in more tourists for the coming years. Many believe that the nation’s beauty and the composition of luxury Maldives resorts the likes of Baros Maldives along with many others paved the way for the award.