Explore Castles Fit for Royalty in London

Boasting of a proud and rich history, the United Kingdom is well known for its fairytale like atmosphere. Home to a Royal Family that makes headlines almost every single day, it is no surprise that the history of England alone is peppered with numerous royals who are still remembered for their iconic reigns. History has also left England with numerous castles, towers and royal parks that are, at present, famous tourist destinations, often flooded by travellers both local and foreign who gawk in awe at its splendour.

London, the metropolitan capital of England, is home to several such famous castles and towers including the Tower of London, Montfichet’s Tower and Baynard’s Castle and a tour of these attractions are well worth your time. The most well known of these attractions is undoubtedly the Tower of London, known formally as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress. Located on the bank of the Thames River, its history is as old as English history for it was founded alongside the Norman Conquest of England as far back as 1066, which marks the true beginning of the history of England. Built via a commission by William the Conqueror, the Tower of London has been used for an intriguing array of functions. It was used as a prison, a treasury as well as a royal residence and is therefore reinforced by a moat and high walls to prevent intruders or escapees. The Tower of London is used to keep the Crown Jewels since 1303 in a protected section known as the Jewel House. Given its great prominence in the history of England as well as the role it plays in modern times, the Tower of London has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Other castles include the iconic Windsor Castle built in 1075 and is located a mere 55 minutes from the heart of London. Since this castle is used by the Royal Family from time to time, access via tickets and tours can be limited and its luxurious and incredible interior and living quarters make the travel time well worth it. The Rochester Castle and the Bodiam Caslte are two other Castles that are worth a visit.

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