Yoga retreats in Koh Phangan- A relaxing getaway!

Yoga retreat in Koh Phangan is a peaceful way of obtaining inner transformation. The island which has the perfect ambiance to obtain a spiritual tranquillity presently has five yoga and healing centres located. Agama Yoga is the most renowned school of yoga with experienced trainers and meditation methods. The Sanctuary is another centre mainly focusing on massage and healing training. Blooming Lotus Yoga is the newest place which mainly teaches art of relaxation. Monte Vista Retreat Centre which focuses is once again a place for healing, massage and counselling. You can visit any of these place while you relax and unwind in one of the luxury Koh Phangan Resorts. If you are looking for accommodation, Anantara Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa is an outstanding option among many other Koh Phangan hotels in the area as one of the most relaxing places.