National Monument- A Great National Symbol

The National Monument is a (433ft) tower in the center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia. It is the national monument of the Republic of Indonesia, built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence. Monas was built based on the idea of the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, with the help of Sudarsono and F. Silaban as the architect, and Ir. Rooseno as the consultant. It’s builts on an area with a width of 80 hectares. Monas was officially open on 17th August 1961 by President Soekarno, and publicly open on 12th July 1971. When visiting Indonesia, the best place to stay over is the Citadines Rasuna Jakarta, which is one of the most luxurious Apartment Hotels Jakarta. This unique hotel has 153 one –two bedrooms, complete with a separate dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. The hotel is also located close by to many restaurants, hotels, shopping complexes and many more other entertainment venues.

The standing pillar of Monas which height is 137 meters, symbolizing a rice pestle, while the cup symbolizing a rice barn. Rice pestle and barn are traditional tools to pound rice, figuring out Indonesia as an agricultural country. They are also regarded as the symbol of Indonesian people’s fertility, and as the symbol of male and female. The Independence room is located at the cup side of Monas, and has an amphitheater shape. In this room, the map of Indonesia was kept, the red and white flag of Indonesia, the symbol of Indonesia, which is Garuda, and the replica of Indonesian independence proclaim script at the gateway. National History Museum located at the baseman of National Monument (Monas). The width of the museum is 6400 meters, and the whole walls, floor, and pillars are top layered with marble. The museum can hold up to 500 people. The park area which surrounds the monument is organized nicely. There are several kinds of plants from various region of Indonesia in the park. There’re many seats provided under big trees. Jakarta people usually utilize Mona’s area as a place for sport activities, in the morning and afternoon time. Most people visit Monas on weekend and holidays.

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Senayan City Visit – A wonderful shopping spree!

Wherever we travel, regardless about the time of the year, we never forget to shop! Shopping in Indonesia becomes a distinctive experience because it presents you many amazing opportunities at very low prices. Senayan City which is also known as the Sen-C stands upright as the most preferred shopping destination when visiting Jakarta. Thus,Countrywoods Residencies is an excellent choice for long stay accommodation, Jakarta that gives way to your shopping dream.

Senayan City is a mixed use development that is seven floors high. It accommodates an attractive Shopping mall, two modern office towers, a luxury apartment tower and a 5 star hotel. It is absolutely the embodiment of a shopper’s dream and the modern architecture used to design this location is truly very charming as well as breathtaking.

The shopping complex is a place of sale for all kinds of goods. You are lucky to purchase anything you wish from the vast collection of shops available here. Electronics, clothes, souvenirs, shoes, accessories, DVDs and CDs, you name it and you can get it here. If you are looking for famous brands, do not worry! You can find the famous department stores like Zara, Marks & Spencer, Nike and Adidas that you love here.

Furthermore, this setting is complimented with a cinema and an immense Food court that accommodates more than 20 food stalls. You will be able to taste from local to international cuisines while observing the hustle of the crowded shopping complex. There are many franchise shops like Starbucks, Burger king, KFC and McDonalds.

The famous Sen-C always holds various promotional programmes and sales to attract large crowds to this exciting location. Do not miss it if you come across one because there will be plenty of entertainment activities made available along with very good deals! Finally, Senayan city is an amzing place fpr shopping as well as to hangout!

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Art:1 New Museum Jakarta – Artistic Masterpieces

Art lovers heading to Jakarta have much to look forward to when it comes to enjoying artistic masterpieces both from the present and the past. The Art:1 New Museum is one site definitely worth visiting in this regard and those in search of a Jakarta hotel from which to head to such sites can consider Alila Jakarta. This Jakarta city hotel is ideally located close to the Presidential Palace in a central part of the city.

Art enthusiasts should make it a point to head to ART:1 where one will not only find the New Museum, but a gallery, institute and art space too. Formerly named the Mon Decor Gallery, ART:1 features a huge array of art works in a spacious area dedicated to creations done both by locals as well as international artists. The Art:1 New Museum is an ideal place to explore and one has a chance to see art pieces by Indonesian old masters as well as contemporary works. Make sure to check out Art Space:1 too where one can take a look at works of up and coming artists.


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Merdeka Palace – where independence in Indonesia took root

Originally crafted for a Dutch businessman, Merdeka Palace stands as an iconic edifice from where Indonesia was liberated from Dutch rule in the year 1949. Located near The National Monument, the palace serves as a wonderful destination to explore the history of Indonesia. If in Indonesia schedule a day’s trip to Merdeka Palace by staying at a service apartment in Jakarta. Offering some of the most sought after of Jakarta serviced apartments to visitors, Ascott Jakarta would be a good choice.

Symbolising prestige and authority, Merdeka Palace now functions as the official destination for all state events in the country. Out of all the rooms that makeup the palace, the ‘Ruang Kredensial’ is where the Indonesian President is known to receive Letters of Credence from every foreign ambassador in the country. Next in line is the ‘Ruang Raden Saleh’ which showcases five of the best paintings ever created by local artist Raden Saleh. However its most prized possession is perhaps the ‘Regalia Room’ which is where the ‘Bendera Pusaka’ or the 1st Indonesian flag is kept after it was flown for the very first time after the Indonesian Declaration of Independence in 1945.

Central Jakarta – The Business City

Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta is a Jakarta Hotel with elegance and class embedded to all the services provided. Many Jakarta hotel deals are from this hotel, which makes it easy and affordable for all the guests. The economy of the city is mainly categories in to several sectors.

The main Gross Regional Domestic Product in the city is obtained by finance, ownership and business services followed by trade, hotel and restaurant sector and next the manufacturing industry sector. For visitors who wish to hold business meetings or conferences in this city the Jakarta Convention Center is the best place to do so.


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