Best investments to make in 2018 – Assisting you in making a choice

Saved up your year-end bonuses intending to make a fruitful investment? Well, it is quite a debate that goes on inside your head when deciding on the best option in which to invest your hard-earned money. Here are 4 of the most profitable choices with some details that may aid your big decision.


The stock markets

While this is probably an obvious answer to your question, what is important is the manner in which you use your available cash in the investment. Having a few extra bucks to invest does not mean that one must dump it all at once into the stock market. In fact, it is better to purchase fewer shares when the price is high and more shares when the price falls.

Peer-to-peer lending

This is where you invest your money in other people, in other words, lending your money on interest quite similar to the way banks provide loans. There is a high possibility of earning returns from between 5% – 7%. This depends upon the risk of the loan. However, it is easier to get started on peer-to-peer lending than investing in the stock market, especially since online websites are available for this purpose.

Real estate

This industry is thriving as there is never a drop-in demand for land, houses, apartments and so on. There is a plethora of luxury residencies like Infinite Luxury, coming up in many places like Phuket. Property investment could bring in returns fast, the property in which you have invested will eventually rise in value due to development. Therefore, rental prices for houses and apartments are always on the rise posing a higher advantage to the investor.


Investing in oneself must sound rather cliché! But, it is an absolute must that this is done. Investing in yourself may not even cost you a cent, it’s just that easy. Experts say that reading at least 3 books on financial management and leadership is bound to make a person smarter. It is also seen that CEOs of renowned companies read an average of 60 books per year to develop their knowledge.

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Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a Luxury Villa – A Personal Space to Relax in Style

Buying your very own villa or holiday home, nestled someplace beautiful is a dream many people have. Here are a few tips to make that dream a reality.

It’s all in the Details

When visiting a potential property make sure to investigate every crook and canny to spot any issues such as rodent and termite infestations, rotting floorboards and roofing issues. Make sure to check the garden spaces, garages, rooms and basements. Also inquiring about the locality would prove to be a good idea.

Stick to a Budget

Many southeast Asian countries and regions such as Thailand and Malaysia have many villas for sale for interested buyers. Many Phuket luxury villas for sale including the likes of Infinite Luxury have different properties to suit different budgets.

Take your Own Sweet Time

Liaising with real estate and property agents can be a bit overwhelming especially when they keep constantly pitching the property you’re interested in. Do remember not to be pressured by them and to take your time when making the deal.

Work on your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation play a big part when it comes to real estate and if your good at it, your investment will bring you great satisfaction. Being well versed in the facts surrounding your property, being in on the latest property trends to establishing a good rapport with your agent, will be of great help when it comes to cutting a good deal.



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Tapping into the best investment opportunities in Thailand – Investing in Thailand

Thailand as a business destination offers corporate travellers plenty of options be it at its cosmopolitan cities or its laidback beach resorts.

Image Credit - Infinite Luxury

Image Credit – Infinite Luxury


Despite the intriguing vacation landscape of Thailand, the economy of the country has been through a tremendous amount of change and today, country bears favourable opportunities for foreign investments. As one of the largest growing markets in the world, and as a member of the ASEAN region and its unforgettable vibrant consumer base, the country attracts a large number of international investors.

Reasons to choose Thailand

Considered as one of the most striking destinations for foreign investment, Thailand has come up with different strategies and is now offering many incentives and attractions to lure the investors. One of the most important aspects to consider when investing is its society. Thailand’s society, mainly the business community is quite welcoming to investments planning to establish operations in the country.

Investments in Property

Many foreigners staying in Thailand for some time develop an interest in having their own home, be it an apartment, condominium or a house. There’s a myriad of Phuket luxury villas for sale offered by some of the best companies such as Infinite Luxury for those looking to invest.

Business Contacts

Business in Thailand is based on trust and friendship developed over a long period. Therefore it is imperative that meetings with business entities are carefully planned with long-term goals in view. Business people need to be aware of cultural norms of the country so as not make embarrassing and potentially damaging gaffes.

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The best time for your luxury stay in Thailand – Holiday planning

When considering Thailand as your next holiday adventure, there are certain areas that you need to cover before packing your bags and boarding your flight. Listed below are some of the important facts that you should keep in mind.

Best time to visit
The weather is pleasant during January and February and therefore holidays at this time would prove to be well worth the time an effort. The monsoon period arrives in May or June and this is why those of you who don’t like the rain should avoid this time frame. However, some attractions can be visited but one would have to keep an eye open for the occasional thunderstorm.

Thailand’s holiday destinations have many choices of family accommodations from resorts to hotels of all-star classes, apartments, home stays and holiday cottages among others. Reserve your stay at a place such as Infinite Luxury which is a Phuket property investmentestablishment as it offers close proximity to many important places.

Where to go
Buddhist temples are a common sight in the country and those going on a sightseeing tour to Chiang Mai may visit Wat Pan Tao. Here one will be able to discover its fine wood carvings. Tour the historic locale of Ayutthaya, cloaked in tradition and intrigue. When here, do plan a visit to the Ayutthaya National Historical Park where ruined temples can still be witnessed. Dance your cares away at The Club or choose the more refined Distil Rooftop Bar which serves an array of rare cocktails coupled with a wine list that is second to none in terms of variety.

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The growth of China-Bangkok market over the last few years – A New Era of Prosperity for Thailand

Thailand’s rise to the top of the world’s most renowned tourist-destinations happened almost overnight, and it looks like the nation’s appeal is ever-increasing.

Air Travel Capacity has Doubled

Within just one year, from 2014 to 2015, the number of booked seats on airlines bound for China and/or Thailand increased by 67.3%. From 2014 to 2017, the number of seats increased by an incredible 128%. This is an exponential increase.

Rising Property Value

Thailand is a very attractive destination for not just tourists, but expats as well. The cost of living is fairly low, and it’s a true global city. Phuket is one of the most popular places, and property value has soared in recent times, making Phuket Property Investment very lucrative. Many entities, such as Infinite Luxury, are aware of this.

Bangkok Airports are International Gateways

Three of the biggest airports in Asia belong to Thailand, and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports, respectively, share one-third of the total number of departing seats between the two countries!

Non-Hub Airports are also On the Rise

Back in 2008, only 15% of the total airfare market involved non-hub airports. In the modern day, due to increased point-to-point connections, secondary airports now command 48% of market share.

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Everything you need to know about Phuket, Thailand – A complete guide

Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, is also known for being the hottest tourist destination in South of Asia, read on to know why.

When to go

January and February are the best times to visit Phuket, as this is the tourist season. If you prefer the emptier streets that only offseasons can offer, visiting later would be better.


Being a developing country, the Phuket property investment scene is happening right now and many investment companies the likes of Infinite Luxury have varied options for the interested buyers.


Explore the Phuket Old Town, the Phuket Weekend Market, the Walking Street, Khao Rang, Trickeye Museum, Baan Chinpracha, and Siam Niramit when you visit the city.


Phuket has some of the best shopping hubs in all of South Asia and places like the Chillva Market and Jim Thompson store have everything you might need.

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New level of luxury in Phuket – Your guide to Phuket

Phuket, Thailand, is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking sun, sand and the sea. Add to this mix a dash of vibrant nightlife, and you have a heady cocktail of fun.

It’s all about the warm sand and gentle waves!

Phuket has always been synonymous with beautiful beaches. If you want a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle, visit the Laem Ka Beach and enjoy the great atmosphere in the day, and there’s always plenty going on to keep the whole family entertained.


Nightlife in Phuket is certainly the cherry on the cake for people looking for a good time! There’s a wide choice of Phuket property investment options here. Stay within easy reach of all the main attractions, in a place like Infinite Luxury and enjoy all the action when the sun goes down.

Walk down the old Phuket town

Phuket has now changed its landscape to reflect a thriving commercialized tourist destination; there is one spot on the island that still retains its historic character – Old Phuket Town. Grab some souvenirs, spoil yourself with some Thai food because Phuket caters to every taste and budget.

Island hopping

Island hopping is a definite must-do for Phuket travellers, it is so much fun! Snorkel or free dive underwater and explore the vibrant coloured reefs and corals. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you book a tour!


Best Locations to Live in Phuket – Select the perfect base for island home in Phuket

Often regarded as one of the ideal locations for expats from around the world, Phuket is a dream destination that offers every comfort imaginable in a stunning beachside setting.

Familiarize yourself with the country

Thailand and its holiday island Phuket where a great many expats resettle due to retirement or the desire for a lifestyle change. One should be familiar with the neighbourhood and the lay of the land in each quarter as well as the quality of life of expats and locals living in the area. Read online and offline travel blogs and similar entries to gain a comprehensive understanding of your new island home.

Talk to the Local Community

During the site visit, it is imperative that potential expats engage with the local community and fellow expats residing in the region.

Narrow down your expectations

Each expat will have different reasons for relocating to the paradise island and it is important to ensure your needs are not only acknowledged but catalogued as it will make the search for the perfect location simpler. Those who are looking at Phuket property investment options can consider Infinite Luxury as it offers close proximity to many important places.

Explore the Locations on Holiday

One of the best ways to explore the everyday living conditions, attributes as well as the potential drawbacks of locations in your shortlist is to go on a Phuket vacation. Visit the areas during off-peak season to not only enjoy low airfares and accommodation rates.

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Luxury Life styles in Phuket – From Crazy Parties to Celebrity Patrons

Phuket is the country’s largest island and has become one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting everyone from backpackers to billionaires.

Image Credit - Infinite Luxury

Image Credit – Infinite Luxury

A Tropical Paradise

Anyone who has heard of Phuket would be familiar with the term ‘tropical paradise’. A Google search of Phuket would produce a never ending smorgasbord of images showcasing unimaginable coastal serenity with beaches of powdery sand eclipsed by lush tropical wilderness.

Image Credit - Infinite Luxury

Image Credit – Infinite Luxury

The Resorts

The resorts of Phuket are renowned as being realms of luxurious indulgence where guests lose themselves to a world of indulgence. There’s also a lot when it comes to Phuket property investment with many examples such as Infinite Luxury.

Celebrity Visitors

You might be amazed at how many A-listers visit Phuket on a regular basis. This spectacular island has been graced with likes of Beyonce and Leonardo Di Caprio. Even the Kardashians have been known to visit Phuket on occasion.

The Parties

Phuket has been a notorious party destination for some time now, and boasts some of the biggest music festivals and raves in South-East Asia. At any given moment there’s bound to be some sort of major event happening that will attract hordes of young and beautiful people. There are also some very interesting cultural festivals to check in the daytime.

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