Everything You Need to Know About Seminyak Beach – So much to Explore!

Seminyak is often known as Bali’s most upscale and stylish beach area and hosts some amazing experiences and activities for all those who visit. Want to know what to check out?

1) The Main Seminyak Beach

The Seminyak Beach can be found in the southern region of Bali, towards the west coast, and to the south of Umalas and north of Kuta. While it is mostly quiet during the day, the beach’s sunny, breezy and cool ambience presents the perfect place for young ones to hang out.

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Image Credit: Flickr user: antwerpenR https://www.flickr.com/photos/rwp-roger/Seminyak Beach 2CC BY 2.0

2) Petitenget Temple

This temple is the central and only cultural landmark in all of Seminyak. If you’re in the area, this is a must see. The Petitenget Temple comes to life during its 210-day anniversary festivals.

3) Double Six Beach

Also called the Blue Ocean Beach, this is a 500-metre-long stretch of sand that adds to the length of Seminyak Beach. When searching for a great Seminyak beach resort, you’ll be presented with many options, such as the Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort for instance.

4) Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali

If you’re on the look-out for some activity that will keep you occupied and test your skills, the Totem Room Escape Challenge is a perfect choice. Here you and your partner, or even a circle of up to 6 people can experience a fun hour indoors. You will be transported into intricately designed game rooms with numerous puzzles that require solving for you to leave.

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Why You Should Go on a Cruise at Least Once in Your Life – The Epitome of a Worry-Free Vacation!

Looking for a quick gateway to get away from your daily chaos? Spend your next vacation on a cruise ship and get ready to have a whole lot of fun! Read on to know more facts.

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Image Credit: Alila Purnama

A new travelling experience!

Travelling on a cruise ship will be a new and an exciting experience than how it feels when you spend hours on a bus, a train or an airplane. Some of the compelling lures like sliding down onboard waterslides or gazing upon spectacular sea views from your private suite will be a tantalizing experience. If you’re looking for an exciting cruise trip, consider spending your holiday on a luxury yacht in Indonesia the likes of Alila Purnama for an enthralling experience.

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Image Credit: Alila Purnama

Wake up to beautiful views

While on a cruise, every time you’ll be able to a vast stretch of water. You’ll feel like you are living in a floating city. From panoramic ocean views to breathtakingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets will truly behold your sight.

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Image Credit: Alila Purnama

Discover many places

Going on a cruise trip is an amazing way to see diverse and numerous places on one trip. Whenever the cruise stops at a port, you’ll have the opportunity to explore nearby beaches, historical landmarks, ancient ruins and more. Pack your suitcase once and you’ll be sure to have a wonderful destination hopping experience.

Incredible food

Be it an early morning breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner, you will get a wide array of scrumptious food to choose from. Almost all the cruises feature diverse cuisines and buffets to entice the taste buds of the leisure travellers.

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Culture in Bali – The Colourful and Creative Culture of Bali

Both Balinese culture and Hinduism as the main religion here have affected the society in Bali immensely. The Balinese culture can be seen clearly in artworks of ancient ruins and various types of traditions.

Enchanting dances

The traditional Bali dances began as a form of entertaining and gifting the deities who visited the place a long time ago. Dancers wear colourful costumes and move as gracefully as a flower in the breeze. This was and is still enjoyed by any audience.

Temples in Bali

Balinese temples are usually the highlight among tourists who come here. Its unique architecture and designs are truly intriguing! Some temples that cannot be missed would be Pura Tanah Lot, Saraswati Temple and Segara Kidul Temple.

Art and crafts

Step out of your Seminyak Bali resort and hit the streets on a quest to find your souvenirs! The art and crafts that can be seen in the markets are ideal souvenir material as the culture and aesthetics of the Bali people can be seen in these.

Bali Museums

Perhaps you are residing in Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, hopping into one of the museums located close by will give you a better insight into the culture and traditions of Bali.

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Sho Horiuchi, Bali Museum 2CC0 1.0

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The Exciting Adventure of Rafting – Ride through Fast-Slowing Waters!

Would you like to get to know the art of bobbing about in a boat? All nature lovers and thrill seekers alike can tap into the power of nature through an exciting rafting experience.


‘Rafting’ is a recreational outdoor activity that requires paddling a raft through frothing and fast-flowing waters. Even though rafting is a thrilling experience, it also needs a certain degree of technical expertise and physical stamina. The first whitewater rafting experience was recorded in 1842 by Lieutenant John Fremont along the Platte River. Now, this sport has undergone a huge change from the boat design, equipment to techniques.

Water class

Also known as the International Scale of River Difficulty, the water class classification system is designed to make the rafters aware of the conditions of the particular stretch of whitewater. There are six categories ranging from class 1 to class 6. The lower end of the scale, class 1 represents small rough areas whereas class 6 indicates the opposite of it; a real possibility of danger!


Looking to add a bit of variety to your water rafting experience? Specific techniques like punching, high-siding, low siding and ferrying are utilized by many rafters to manoeuvre through obstacles. If you are holidaying at a Seminyak Bali resort the likes of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, you’ll get the opportunity to navigate the longest river in Bali with an experienced travel guide.


Planning reduces risk and it will give you worry-free fun! Make sure that you wear the most important safety equipment, the PFD properly to ensure safety during your trip. Consider the weather conditions before you set off!

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Sea World Indonesia – unsung marine glamour

Ever tried feeding a shark? Bet you haven’t even imagined seeing a shark in the first place in such a close proximity. But at Sea World Indonesia, feeding sharks is an experience!

In Indonesia, it is the first underwater recreation. With about three hectares of building space, SeaWorld Indonesia is perched in Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park complex. It is not difficult to locate this place. If you take lodiging at somewhere like Somerset Berlian Jakarta, one of the Jakarta Service Apartments, your journey will be more convenient.

Feeding sharks is a breathtaking experience to sight. They go arrogant during the feeding course. They swim hurriedly to grab the diet. The diet won’t last long. The creatures wolf it down fast and look for more.

SeaWorld Indonesia is home to a great number of marine fauna. This serves for three purposes: educational, conservation and entertainment. You will get to see many tanks including the main tank and shark tank.

The most striking feature, perhaps, will be the white crocodile exhibition. Your chance to see them elsewhere in the world is highly unlikely. In the main tank you will get to see 3500 marine animals. They have filled the tank with the amazing number of five million litres of salt water. Sharkquarium, name given to where sharks swim, has over seven different species of sharks. In the freshwater are live Piranha, Arapaima Gigas, and Electric Eel.

Antasena Tunnel is a must for photo-freak. Its transparent roof gives you an underwater look without getting wet. It is a 80-meter long tunnel in the Main tank. Ecosystem Tank is where Sponge and Coral and little marine animals like Clownfish and Guppies swim. Deep Sea Area is dedicated to preserve and conserve deep sea animals. They are kept in a glass tube.

You will be simply wonderstruck at their effort to conserve the underwater life. Their effort is not only amazing, but it is beyond imagination.

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Belitung Islands – A Fusion of Culture and Tranquillity

Visiting Indonesia is an experience that is hard to forget and tourists can enjoy the nation’s unique and vibrant culture, wondrous tourist attractions and much, much more. Indonesia’s beaches are also a very popular attraction on these fun-filled islands, and when one thinks of pristine tropical beaches in Indonesia, the first destination that crosses their mind is Bali. While Bali is truly a beautiful place, for an enjoyable beach excursion out of the norm in Indonesia, the Belitung Islands offer pristine stretches of sand and surf where anyone can relax, a host of museums offering a glimpse of Indonesia’s rich history, and intriguing souvenir shops from which tourists can take a part of these beautiful islands home with them.

While on the Belitung Islands, an ideal way to relax is plunging into the turquoise waters framing these landmasses, as the water is warm and clear, and there are enough activities to keep you busy for days! One of the most popular things to do is snorkelling within the beautiful coral reefs that are dotted around the islands. Thousands of species of marine life inhabit the warm water here, and appreciating them in their own home is an experience that no aquarium can quite match. Other than for snorkelling, the beaches are a great place to simply relax and unwind with a refreshing fruit cocktail.

The islands also have a rich history, and a short trip downtown will take you to a part of the island that will take you back in time, as most of the buildings reflect the Dutch Colonial influence in their architecture. Visitors can see the process of tin mining on the island, or visit a Buddhist temple with a strong Chinese influence. There are hundreds of shops and boutiques on the Belitung Islands that offer fodder for souvenir junkies; the perfect way to bring part of the island to your home and the memories of time spent here to life.

One of the most popular souvenirs is jewellery made from a unique black stone, believed to have been brought to the island by an asteroid thousands of years ago. This stone, known as Satam stone, looks exquisite set within jewellery pieces, and is made even more beautiful by the randomly occurring patterns on the surface. In addition to Satam stone jewellery, you will discover shell handicrafts, various types of food and many more interesting souvenirs as well.

After your sightseeing excursions, check into one of the best ranged Indonesia 5 star hotels in the region, such as the Starwood Indonesia. Its gracious hospitality and elegant surrounds make it one of the ideal luxury hotels Indonesia has to offer corporate and leisure visitors.

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