Discover Kowloon City, Hong Kong – A Remarkable Locality

The attractive and intriguing Kowloon City is a feature of Hong Kong that is sure to capture the interest of the visitor. Here you will find many appealing restaurants and eateries that will delight the food lover; it is also an attractive area to stroll through with many interesting sights. As you experience the attractions of the city, stay at one of the quality hotels in Kowloon, Hong Kong such as the appealing Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong. This fine accommodation offers tastefully appointed rooms and attentive hospitality in a convenient location.
Kowloon City is an engrossing locality to explore as it offers many distinctive attractions that will entrance the visitor. This part of Hong Kong is well-known for its Thai influences and culinary attractions, so much so that it is often referred to as ‘Little Thailand’ and the ‘Food City’. At one time this area was called the Kowloon Walled City and was notorious as a lawless district where gambling activities was rampant.
Today however the situation here is very different. Rather than anarchy and squalor today you will find an attractive locality featuring the pleasant Kowloon Walled City Park. Offering verdant grass and a picturesque pagoda, this park is an appealing place to spend leisure time. Modelled on the famous Jiangnan Gardens, this park is always a pleasant place to visit.
Near this popular park you are sure to notice the discernible influence of the Thai immigrants who settled down in this part of Hong Kong. Visitors will be captivated by the numerous Thai eateries, groceries, dessert shops and street stalls that you will encounter here. However there is more to Kowloon City as visitors will also come across the establishments of Hong Kong’s other communities.
Another attraction is the local wet market which is also a great place to pick up tasty local eats. Other well-known local features are the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the Cattle Depot Artist Village where many local artists have moved into and carry out their creative work.


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Hong Kong Travel Tips – What you should know before you visit

You are likely to need a visa to enter mainland China if you are a foreign national. A sightseeing trip will only require a standard tourist visa. Single, double and multiple entry visas are available, as are business and working visas for work related travel. Hong Kong international airport connects one hundred and fifty international destinations and forty cities in Mainland China, trains from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong Province also transport visitors to Hong Kong.

The fast pace of the city can be overwhelming, there are a few quiet places to take a moment and catch your breath, like boutique hotels, Hong Kong has a few of these hidden gems. The excellent public transportation system makes getting around convenient, especially with an Octopus card. They can be purchased at any MRT station and topped up as you go to pay for public transport as well as purchases in convenience stores, food outlets and even vending machines. The MRT network is well connected, fast and easy to use; it also runs an express line to the airport. Signage is in English and easy to follow. Look no further than the Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong if you need a central, convenient location.

Trams or ‘Ding dings’ and ferries are a great way to see the sights and get a feel for the city’s history. Hong Kong has over ten thousand restaurants and at the heart of local cuisine is the bite-sized Dim Sum, a delicious treat that is not to be missed. Shopping is another distinct experience that visitors to this city seek, expect to find everything from designer brands at luxury malls to souvenirs and trinkets at street markets. The city comes to life at night with glowing lights and bright colours, do not forget to stop and take in the views.


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Upcoming events in HK – Feel the excitement!

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with spectacular events and festivals to witness. Travellers to the city can enjoy an array of exciting events ranging from cultural shows, sports events to world class performances. An ideally located accommodation would give you access to most of these events and finding a comfortable Hong Kong hotel is not a tedious task. Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong is a luxuriously appointed Wan Chai hotel Hong Kong has in store for its visitors. When planning your holiday to Hong Kong do not forget to look up in the Hong Kong events calendar to check out on upcoming events in the city. Chinese New Year celebrations, Cultural celebrations, Summer Spectacular, Dragon Boat Carnival, Mid Autumn Festival, Halloween Treats and Wine and Dine Festival are some of the breathtaking events lined up in the Hong Kong events calendar. Plan out your holiday and make the most of your journey.

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Harbour Cruises – An Unmatched Glimpse of Hong Kong

For anyone visiting Hong Kong on work or pleasure, there are a few must do things. Considering that the Victoria Harbour is the lifeline of this bustling Asian city, it is a must that one takes a cruise here. There is constant activity in the dock with vessels moving and the city and the skyline of skyscrapers offering an amazing view from the water.
There are numerous cruise services and there are times during which journeys are offered. Depending on your schedule and your preference, it is possible to take an afternoon, morning or evening tour. There are other tours called sun set cruises and also a symphony of lights harbour cruise. It is all for the traveller to choose from depending on their preference.

Travellers can get into a traditional boat and explore the metropolitan in leisure and from a different angle. Generally the tour takes about one hour and it cruises past Central, Stonecutter’s Island, Yau Ma Tei, West Kowloon, Kwai Chung Container Port and Tsim Sha Tsui. It is also possible to get a hop-on-hop-off pass and enjoy a day moving about various points where the boats stop. The night trips are the best to get a perfect view of the city’s impressive skyline. It is the perfect way to unwind with the soothing sea breeze on your face and amazing views of the metropolis.
Generally a ticket for a cruise would range between $230 to $300 depending on the time at which you decide to go on the tour and the service provider. The commentary will be provided in English and there are many tour service providers where travellers can choose what best suits their requirements.
Tourists exploring the city of Hong Kong whilst staying at one of the 4 star hotel Hong Kong must make sure to experience a boat trip in the harbour, as that would surely be a great way to see this conurbation and how it has evolved. For travellers keen on enjoying the best of comfort and luxury by spending their holiday at a Hong Kong boutique hotel, there is Cosmo Hotel providing unmatched hospitality.

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Weather in Hong Kong – Blowing Hot and Cold

Hong Kong has a monsoon-influenced, sub-tropical climate with four distinct seasons. The most significant weather events that can disrupt life here are Typhoons. Typhoon season is from May to November. About 30 storms form in the western north Pacific or the China Sea each year, of which half reach typhoon-strength, which means winds gusting up to 118 kmph or more. The typhoons are of varying severity and each type of typhoon has been assigned a number going up the scale with 8 indicating a storm of the most severe kind. Hong Kong is also battered by heavy rain, usually in the aftermath of a typhoon wrecking havoc in the precipitous terrain of the city and causing widespread flooding.

March to May is spring and temperatures usually range from 17 degree C to 26 degrees C and evenings are usually cool. There is a notable increase in rainfall and temperature in April. Spring also brings cloudy skies that contribute to increasing humidity. Summer is from June to August and is known to be hot and humid and is punctuated by showers and thunderstorms. Sometimes, extreme heat is experienced during this period due to a lack of cooling breezes. This type of weather generally precedes typhoons. Nights are too are hot and the air quality is adversely affected.

Autumn seems to be the most pleasant month being sunny with cool breezes and comfortable temperatures. Winter from December to February is usually cool and dry with temperatures generally ranging from 12 degrees C to 20 degrees C. However, the northeast winter monsoon can bring some cold fronts, making the temperature dip below 10 degrees C. Warm air blowing in from the sea has been known to increase temperatures above 20 degrees C. December is also the driest month of the year Hong Kong is also affected by climate change as evidenced by the increase in warm nights and decrease in cold days. The rate of warming is more in the built up urban areas exacerbated by the release of heat from air conditioning and vehicles and the density of high rise buildings that absorb more of the suns energy. The situation is aggravated by the lack of cooling breezes. The frequency of heavy rain has also increased.

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Explore Hong Kong’s Breathtaking Victoria Harbour on an Unforgettable Star Ferry Cruise

Considered a true icon of the city of Hong Kong, the Star Ferry is not only the most popular cruise operator in the island nation but a true hallmark of the city’s glorious past. Having shuttled residents of the great city from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and back for more than a century, these captivating Double Decker vessels have become part of the country’s present with engaging cruises and tours that explores the best of the city via Victoria Harbour. Employed as a mode of transportation till 1978 during which time the Cross-Harbour Tunnel was opened to the public, the Star Ferry transformed its identity to become the most coveted and popular tourist ferry cruise services in the island which is ranked among the 50 must-see “places of a lifetime” by the National Geographic of Travellers.

Taking guests to the 1920’s in a vessel that is considered as an integral part of Hong Kong city and also the harbour’s legacy, the tour on board the Shining Star Ferry departs from three easily accessible pier locations in Wanchai, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. Guests can purchase tickets before departure as the cruise sets off hourly from each departure point. Meandering past the Hong Kong city landscape at a leisurely pace the hour long cruise takes visitors across Victoria Harbour to witness the beauty of a city that is constantly evolving. The cool sea breeze provides the perfect backdrop to the Star Ferry Cruise where an audio commentary on the landmarks on either side of the harbour is also played to give visitors a complete understanding of their surroundings. Exploring some of the city’s most engaging quarters such as the Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui and Wanchai the cruise offers first time visitors an all encompassing view of Hong Kong’s diverse neighborhoods as well as its multifaceted identity as a global city.
Visitors can also enjoy refreshments courtesy of the ferry’s air conditioned café where premium coffee is served to complement the panoramic views guests are greeted with at every turn.

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Hong Kong Disneyland – Fantastic family attraction!

Made up of six uniquely themed areas, Hong Kong Disneyland is a blend of modern entertainment features and traditional Chinese designs. One of the top attractions at the park is “Flights of Fantasy” which is a daytime parade featuring many colorful performances. Disney in the Stars is the park’s nighttime firework show whilst there is an array of other shows bringing sensational entertainment! Those looking for Hong Kong serviced apartments, can never go wrong by choosing Citadines Ashley Hong Kong which is a reputed name when it comes to serviced accommodation Hong Kong has to offer.