My Son Sanctuary – An enchanted site with spectacular views!

A stunning site filled with towering structures that is all that remains of temples and buildings which were part of the ancient Champa Kingdom; Visit here discover a civilization that had thrived centuries ago.

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The era of the Champa Kingdom which dates back to the 1st to 18th century CE was considered the golden age of civilization in Vietnam. This is also the time when the tower temples at the My Son sanctuary today were constructed. It is also said that the temples at the site were constructed throughout a period of 10 centuries from 4th 13th century CE.


The tower temples boast an elaborate Hindu architecture that resembles the purity and greatness of Mount Meru – A fabled sacred mountains that are believed to be the centre of the Universe. There are a number of meticulously crafted statues of Hindu deities and carved decorations on temple structures and pillars and is certainly awe-inspiring to look at.


The site was recognised as a national site in the year of 1979 by the ministry of cultural affairs and was given the title of “special national site” in 2009 by the government. Also being recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the whole region now is under a conservation plan.

Getting there and accommodation options

The My Son Sanctuary site is located close to a number of accommodation options and hotels in Hoi An the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort. So, getting there won’t be much of a hassle. You could also reach here by taxi or by renting out a bike from the Hoi An city.

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Yoga amidst Culture and Bliss – Hoi An Yoga

Located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam is the ancient and famous city of Hoi An. Known for its rich heritage and numerous cultural attractions; the city’s ancient town is recognized as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. This coastal city is also a popular tourist destination as it offers visitors an opportunity to witness the true culture and heritage of Vietnam and also offers many other tourist attractions.

One of the most popular activities which enhance individual spirituality along with physical and mental stability is yoga. Finding its origins in India over 5000 years ago, yoga is fast spreading across the world as a form of exercise that helps both the mind and body. Yoga has also spread to the city of Hoi An, which has gained immense popularity due to the city’s beautiful scenery and tranquil ambience. Both tourists and locals find it deeply satisfying and rewarding to engage in yoga in the serenity of the city.

It is highly recommendable that tourists who wish to relax and unwind in Hoi An undertake yoga, as it is one of the best ways of absorbing the tranquility of Hoi An while bringing your mind, body and spirit in unison. There are many yoga centers in the city, which is a testament to growing demand for yoga in Hoi An. One of the most amazing and rewarding attractions of yoga in Hoi An is Hatha Yoga on the beach. The splendid beaches of the city are a great place to engage in yoga, and yoga instructors capitalize on this by conducting Hatha Yoga classes at either sun-rise or sun-set; the times when the beach is most serene. Yin Yoga, which involves relaxation and meditation, is also ideal to practice in Hoi An due to its relaxing, cool and quiet atmosphere. All in all, the beautiful city of Hoi An is a great place to engage in yoga and get in touch with your spirituality.

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