Municipal Theatre Ho Chi Minh City – The Opera House of Saigon

The Municipal Theatre in Ho Chi Minh City is an opera house located in a beautiful French colonial building. The building was erected in 1897 to house the ‘Opera de Saigon’. Enjoy the classics here while sightseeing the best of attractions in this infamous city. Ho Chi Minh serviced apartments are an ideal choice of accommodation for an at home feel and convenient stay. Enjoy the best in this category of accommodation at the Somerset Vista Ho Chi Minh City.

This convenient apartment hotel is located in the prestigious expat residential neighbourhood of An Phu Ward, quite close to the main CBD and a number of international schools. The Tan Son Nhat International airport is just 45 minutes away while many main attractions are less than a half hour from the hotel. A 100 meter pool overlooking the scenic gardens together with gym, sauna, tennis court and kiddie’s pool add to the pleasure of staying here. Accommodation comprises of a 100, two to four bedroomed fully furnished apartments, boasting excellent amenities of fully equipped kitchen, separate living and work areas and modern entertainment section. This hotel is easily accessed via the Hanoi Highway and East-West Highway.

The beautiful French colonial building the Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh is housed in is resplendent with architectural styles of the French Third Republic; with some aspects of the building resembling the styles of Frances Petit Palais. As such the façade was ornately designed but was thought to be over zealous at the time and some of the floral filigree was removed, this was however restored recently for the 300th anniversary of Saigon. Enjoy the best of Saigon opera here.

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Phuong Mai Art Gallery – Showcasing Vietnamese talent

For a fascinating glimpse into some of Vietnam’s most talented artists as well as discovering some emerging talent in the field, visit the Phuong Mai Art Gallery when your travels bring you to Ho Chi Minh City. If you’re seeing quality accommodation in the area, consider a fine serviced residence in Ho Chi Minh City such as those featured at the Somerset Ho Chi Minh city. Offering international visitors some of the finest serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City this elegantly appointed property is an ideal home away from home. The Phuong Mai Art Gallery is a veritable treasure trove of Vietnamese artistic talent freely available for appreciation and expert critique. The genre of contemporary painting in the country found its genesis via two of the country’s most renowned fine arts academies: Gia Dinh Fine Arts and Dong Duong Fine Arts, which were established by French expatriates in the early part of the twentieth century. Some of the most famous names in contemporary Vietnamese art found their start here, such as Le Pho, Bui Xuan Phai, To Ngoc Van, Vu Cao Dam and Nguyen Gia Tri, to name a few. These French institutions provided the jumpstart needed for Vietnamese appreciation of the arts, and the country now boasts seven fine arts institutions located across three of the major cities, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Hue. International avenues for celebrating Vietnamese art have burgeoned in the past few decades, and the Phuong Mai Art Gallery is one such hub of arts appreciation. Featuring a steady stream of intriguing exhibitions that highlight the pinnacle of the Vietnamese arts scene, it is the perfect place to discover emerging talent or simply appreciate the works of some of the renowned greats.


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