Most Beautiful Places in Dubai – Make your Visit Worthwhile

Dubai is renowned as a city for shopping, but in any way, it doesn’t overshadow the prestigious image the city has gained with its grand infrastructure and beautiful cityscape. Unlike many other tourist destinations in the world, Dubai city has its own unique set of attractions which are mainly man-made and artificial. If you decide on taking a trip to see the most beautiful places out there and end up looking for hotels in Deira Dubai, you might have some good options to consider, like the AVANI Hotels and Resorts.

One of the must-see attractions in Dubai is the ‘World Islands’ which is a huge cluster of around 300 artificial islands. The Palm Islands are also similar to this in their make, but the shape of these artificial islands is representing natural palm trees. Then there is the canal city known as Dubai Marina, which is the world’s largest of that kind. Burj Khalifa is a mega-tall skyscraper and famous tourist attraction in Dubai. Higher than 829 metres, this building takes you closer to the sky with its observation decks on the 124th floor. There is also the Burj Khalifa Lake and the Dubai Fountain, artificial like others, but still breathtakingly beautiful. In terms of shopping, there is the Dubai Mall which is huge and is busy with visitors at any time of the year. Apart from being a shopping mall, the Dubai Mall also has an underwater zoo, an aquarium, and an ice rink created using high-end technology.

In spite of making everything on its own, the Dubai city takes advantage of nature equally through converting its desolate deserts into an exciting desert safari. Anyone who visits Dubai should experience a desert safari. Even though it is a little surprising, Dubai has enough of beaches with luxury hotels and restaurants in close proximity.

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Indulge in a Luxury Shopping Experience in Dubai -Splurge, Indulge & Go Crazy!

dubai luxury shopping, indoor shopping mall dubai

Inside the Dubai Mall | tpsdave via Pixabay CC0

From the best of global brands to tax-free shopping, Dubai is truly a shopaholic’s paradise.

Offering a plethora of majestic shopping malls, the entire meaning of ‘luxury’ is explored in Dubai on a daily basis.

It’s home to over 100 opulent shopping malls, offering almost everything from whether it is high-end fashion, stunning jewelry or fragrances you are after, these shopping malls got you covered!

Many people flock to this city from various parts of the world to get their dose of retail therapy.

Sprawled across 1.1 million sq.m, The Dubai Mall is the largest retail outlet in the world and that’s enough for it to be right on top of your itinerary when you visit the city.

You could feasibly spend days in this glittering indoor shopping mall which is home to approximately 1200 stores; expect to be spoilt for choice by the sheer number of things in front of you.

Dubai mall is simply a mecca for the style conscious and you could literally shop until you drop! If you are planning to spend your holiday in this country you could also be a part of the biggest shopping event, Dubai Shopping Festival where you can avail of unbelievable discounts; stay updated with shopping in focus or any other source of news. Dubai Mall is more than just retail therapy; there are many restaurants, not to mention other impressive attractions like the aquarium, kid’s theme park, and an ice skating rink.

Mall of the Emirates is known as the world’s first shopping resort, strategically located in the heart of Dubai.

This retail haven has plenty of things to do besides shopping, a family theme park, an indoor ski resort and department stores like Harvey Nichols and Debenhams plus a large Carrefour supermarket.

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You might want to brush-up on these beforehand your visit to Dubai – A few Essentials to know before your Dubai Vacation

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                                                    Photo via Pixabay , CC0

Dubai has become one of the most famous cities in the world. This is by far due to the lavish lifestyles of the locals which has become a world-wide topic of conversation. If you’re seeking a luxury retreat to this city there are many choices of accommodation, and Palm Jumeirah hotels are some of the most sought after, with examples like Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.

The first thing you should explore about Dubai, is the unique culture. The best way to do this is by taking some time off from blazing through the many Dubai malls, and explore a souq. These are traditional open air marketplaces popular in the Arab world, where you can find everything from exotic fragrances to silverware. There’s even a particularly breathtaking souq that is exclusively dedicated to the sale of gold and/or items predominantly involving gold.

Next is the food. Due to the incredible amalgamation of cultures, there are so many different kinds of food to be experienced, from various classifications of restaurants to road-side eateries in the form of shacks and carts. The Bur Dubai area is easily the heart of the city’s food scene.

When it comes to travelling, Dubai offers a very convenient transportation infrastructure. Travelling by taxi is quite affordable, but there are many more exciting options available such as the metro and water-buses. These latter methods are definitely going to provide a more adventurous experience.

Dubai is a global city and is not as liberal as people might lead you to believe. Aquatic parks, beaches and even hotel pools have no issues with women wearing bikinis, since the city has very normal standards when it comes to clothing. Kissing in public however can land you in some trouble though, so it is best to avoid public displays of affection.

If you’re going to embark on a trip to Dubai, be sure to keep the above mentioned points handy.

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Dubai Luxury Escapes – Experience the Definitive Luxury of Dubai

Luxury resorts in dubai


When it comes to places that are associated with luxury and indulgence, Dubai generally always manages to top off the list. It is the most populous metropolis in the United Arab Emirates and also the most famous of the nation’s many cityscapes. Tourism is considered the most important government strategy and it is said that the city accommodated around fifteen-million foreign visitors in 2015. The amount of luxury accommodation to choose from is immense, with Palm Jumeirah hotels such as the Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. If you plan on heading to Dubai, here are a few places that are the epitome of indulgence.

A recent addition to Dubai’s restaurant scene is CATCH, an outlet relating to a famous A-List restaurant located in New York. The restaurant boasts some of the best seafood dishes in the region, with items such as Salmon Belly Carpaccio and delectable Sushi rolls.

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience like no other, then you have to visit the Boxpark. It is labeled as an ‘urban district’ and built out of more than two hundred industrial containers. There are more than forty shops and restaurants contained in the Boxpark, with brands such as Adidas and cuisine ranging from burgers to more upscale choices.

The Dubai Opera opened its doors just under a year ago, with the legendary conductor Placindo Domingo leading the very first performance. The venue is also equipped to handle a variety of live music events ranging from theatre, concerts, ballet and of course, opera. Exhibitions will also be taking place every now and then too. The structure of the Dubai Opera is captivating, with architecture inspired by traditional Arabian boats known as Dhows.

These are but few of the many luxurious locales the Emirate of Dubai has to offer, so if you’re looking for a distinctively decadent vacation, then Dubai should be up there on your list of places worth considering.

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Outdoor Luxury Wedding in Dubai – Impossibly Beautiful

The weather in the UAE is consistent, much like a loyal partner. The unmistakably blue skies provide the ideal atmosphere for an outdoor wedding. Both luxurious and rustic, an outdoor wedding in Dubai will certainly bring to mind numerous Hollywood films. Tying the knot in Dubai has become exceedingly popular among couples from around the world. The rules pertaining to marriage in the UAE are stringent, so make sure you are well-acquainted with the legal proceedings that precede a marriage here. However, if you simply want to celebrate your marriage in Dubai, the options are endless. Always opt to have an outdoor wedding in Dubai, as you are sure to feel one with nature as well. Desert Palm PER AQUUM is one such location in which you can choose to celebrate your marriage outdoors.

It’s not shocking that the Garden of Eden was chosen as the most apt backdrop for the union of Adam and Eve. Today, we still tend to believe that the best marriages take place among plants, flowers and shady trees. The landscapes, backdrops and scenery in Dubai certainly possess an Eden-like quality.

Whichever location you choose in Dubai, you will also be granted the assistance of a wedding planner. With his or her guidance you will be able to organize a perfect wedding which would consists of unsurpassable décor, food and unproblematic seating arrangements.

Unlike most indoor weddings, an outdoor wedding in Dubai has magical elements. Guests will be able to enjoy a great deal of freedom and breathe the naturally fragrant air. Nothing is more romantic than a wedding that embraces all that is natural.

Amidst landscaped gardens, your dream wedding will become a reality and your life together will be fruitful.

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Spa Treatments in Dubai – rejuvenate in Dubai

The word luxury is most appropriately explained in this part of the world, the grandeur, the splendour and the timeless architectural marvels all add to an exotic luxury experience. Even if you’re on holiday Dubai may not be the place for relaxation as there is so much going on in the city. So squeezing in a spa day may be an added luxury. There are plenty of places in and around Dubai to accommodate all its guests. However if you’re after a more pampering holiday, you can find many a Dubai Resort and Spa that offer ultra-luxurious accommodation and services. One such resort that has won the praise of many is Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa. Located on one of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, the man-made island of Jumeirah, the resort offers pristine luxury to all of its guests in the true Arabian style.

Spa treatments are widely available throughout the city. Dubai spas are designed to satisfy all sorts of luxury cravings in true Emirati style. The massages and treatments offered are medically proven to ensure the safety of the clients. The spas offer a range of treatments that range from hot stone body massages, deep tissues massages, soothing wraps and a selection of ayurvedic treatments.

Some of the spas worth checking out while in Dubai include the Yas Beauty Spa. Located in Souk al Bahar, this ladies and gents spa offers a range of treatments such as nail, hair and body massages by professional masseurs. Other famous stops are One&Only Royal Mirage Spa, which has 12 individual therapy rooms, featuring a jacuzzi, whirlpools, plunge showers and etc. There are separate treatments and operating hours for men and women. Other spas worth checking out are, Assawan Spa and Health Club, Softouch Spa at the Kempinski, Mall of the Emirates and Talise Ottoman Spa.

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Interesting Facts about Dubai – A One of a Kind Global City

There are various locales across the world that renowned epicenters of wealth and prosperity, and unprecedented luxury, and out of the possible choices, none are quite the same as business-hub of the Middle East. Commonly known as Dubai, the emerging global city is peculiarly special for simultaneously having the second most expensive hotel rooms in the world, as well as being voted the best place to live in the Middle East by American Global Consulting firm Mercer. This effectively makes Dubai a locale where the world’s elite and the planet’s more humble classes can both flock to have a great time in this one-of-a-kind metropolis.
As far as accommodation is concerned, there is an abundance of choices within the urban sprawl, ranging from the pocket-friendly to the ultra-exuberant. If one is looking for something in between, then a serviced apartment such as the Ascott Park Place Dubai would be the ideal choice, combining homely comfort with the luxuries of a hotel.
There are many features that really make Dubai a unique city, one being that it has a notoriously low rate of crime. The prosperous city has a meticulously structured legal system that is rigorously enforced, which has resulted in crime being almost non-existent. Many people migrate to Dubai in hopes of becoming wealthy, and an aspect of Dubai that truly caters to this is that it is a country that is basically tax-free, where residents have no requirement to pay any income-tax.
The multi-cultural nature of Dubai is noteworthy further contributes to the uniqueness of the city since the percentage of locals in the city of Dubai is below twenty percent, making the country effectively comprised of international cultures.
Dubai is famous for the sky-scrapers that adorn the city’s skyline. The city is in fact, the home of some of the tallest structures in the world. The world’s highest restaurant, mosque and nightclub are located in Dubai, and interestingly in one place too. That place being the Burj Al Khalifa tower. The spectacular city of Dubai is truly a land of majesty, and anyone can bask in its ambience.

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Visit to Dubai – The Global City of the Middle East

Dubai, located on the Southeast Coast of the Persian Gulf, is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Second only to Abu Dhabi in size, Dubai is a global city and serves as a regional hub for business and investment. This large and urban city is home to some of the most dazzling skyscrapers and landmarks, making its skyline a truly iconic one. For a comfortable stay in a Dubai luxury hotel make a reservation at the Desert Palm Dubai.

Dubai is also one of the Middle East’s most popular tourist destinations, as it urban lifestyle and quality of life is most welcoming. The city is home to numerous cultural highlights, as well as many tourist attractions; ranging from recreational activities to shopping. Thus, a visit to Dubai offers you a variety of attractions and options to choose from, ensuring a memorable and exciting stay.

Dubai’s mix of cultural and recreational & entertainment attractions makes it an ideal destination as culture lovers, adrenaline junkies, shopaholics, and sightsee-ers. Dubai is home to many cultural attractions and museums such as the Jumeirah Archeological Site, the Heritage Village, the Al Fahigi Fort Museum, the Dubai International Art Centre, and the Hatta Heritage Village, which are great if you want to learn the culture and heritage of the Middle East and its people. It recreation & entertainment is what you are after then check out Ski Dubai, Wild Wadi Water Park, the Dubai Autodrome, the Dubai Festival City, and the Dubai Opera House. Apart from these amazing attractions, a visit to Dubai allows you to see Burj Khalifa; the tallest building in the world, Palm Jumerirah; one of the most magnificent man-made islands, and numerous expos and festivals that the city hosts. Dubai is also great for shopping, and is in fact home to the Dubai Mall; the largest mall in the world.

There is little doubt as to why Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, so head on over to the fascinating city of Dubai.

Dubai Creek Dhow Ride – the traditional addition to a novel experience

A Dhow ride along the famous Dubai Creek is not an opportunity to be missed, when you’re visiting the Middle East. If you wonder what a Dhow is, it is an old fashioned boat that you can use to criss-cross this far-famed brook cutting through the heart of Middle East. If you wish to feel this marvellous experience, consider to visit Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort, Abu Dhabi as well. It would add value to your long-awaited vacation with plenty of activities to engage in while enjoying the luxuries of 5 star hotels in Abu Dhabi.

A ride aboard a traditional Dhow allows you to observe the city of Dubai in various perspectives. You have the opportunity to select from morning dhow rides, sun-down dhow rides; romantic dhow rides to dinner dhow rides that would last approximately for one hour. On whichever ride you decide to engage in, you are bound to observe many historical and modern sights in Dubai in a very natural light.

While riding along the creek, you will be able to witness some great establishments lined up such as Sheraton Dubai Creek, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Creek Tower, Deira Twin Towers and the National Bank. You will also be able to have a glimpse of the trading heritage of Dubai which still takes place on the banks of the Creek. It’s a fascinating sight to observe the never-ending hustle and bustle of traders trying to load and unload different goods.

Moreover, you can also enjoy delicious meals on board if you opt for it. The local tastes are the best to compliment the ride while listening to historical records played onboard. When taking in the eye-popping sights, do not forget to enjoy the wonderful breeze. It would be ideal if you can engage in a dhow ride during the sunset. Then, you can also observe the stars brightly shining in the skies on your return.

Hence, add this to your Dubai itinerary today!

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Gold Souq – A shimmering sea of Arabian treasures

Check your social calendar. Is it time for your jewellery collection to undergo a little upgrade? Are you sick of silver and want to stock up on jewellery of a more cheerful, sun-warmed hue? Then allow yourself to be seduced by the glistening and gleaming offerings of the world-renowned Dubai Gold Souk, one of the best locations to score some prime gold jewellery at rock-bottom prices.

If you compared the gold available at the Dubai Gold Souk to some of the wares available in India, for instance, the quality of Dubai’s offerings simply cannot be surpassed. The honeyed hues gleam with a brighter aura and a pristine quality that is absolutely matchless in comparison. You’ll be smacked silly with glittering delights as soon as you enter the Souq, which features over 300 retailers whose exclusive mode of trade are bejewelled offerings along the lines of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and everything in between. You’ll be amazed at the sheer range of glistening (well-priced!) trinkets on offer, from the likes of such reputed retailers as Damas, Shyam Jewellery, ARY Jewellery, and Joy Alukkas, to name but a few major retailers.

You will also find a plethora of smaller shops proudly plying their ways amongst the big boys, serving as able competitors amidst the gold bustle. It is no easy feat to contemplate that at any given time, the total weight of gold at the souk amounts to around ten tons, easy. A new feature lately installed at the souq is the Gold and Diamond Park, which accommodates both international and local merchants, and the quality of the wares are original and indisputable.

The souk is easy to find, as it is located in Deira, which is the heart of Dubai’s commercial business district, and it is within walking distance of the Dubai bus stand. Alternatively, you could also embark on the Dubai Metro straight to Al Ghubaiba and then take a boat ride across the creek from Bur Dubai. From there on, the souq is an approximate five-minute walk from the Old Souk marine station.

Dubai is able to offer such competitive prices on gold ware owing to the free trade policy established in the emirate during the 1940s, which spurred gold trade from the neighbouring country of Iran, as well as India, which spurred an influx of gold merchants at the souq. In recent years, India has emerged as the largest purchaser of Dubai gold, accounting for about 23% of the emirate’s gold trade in 2005 and 68% of the diamond trade. Switzerland is Dubai’s largest supplier of gold ingots. With such variety and quality suffusing its surrounds, the gold souq and its scintillating new park present a truly “golden” era of gold trading in Dubai.

To truly savour the offerings of this world-class emirate, check into one of the fine options for Accommodation in Dubai which boasts sumptuous elegance and worldly renown for an unforgettable stay. Consider The Palm as a host for your next foray into the emirate, as this stylish Jumeirah Beach Hotel ushers in a new era of luxury living.

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