Rejuvenating the body and mind in Thailand – Revive and revitalize yourself!

Thailand is certainly an ultimate tourist destination that offers its guests a lot of exciting things to do and see. There is something for everyone in Thailand. If you are visiting here to unwind, relax and rejuvenate yourself here are four things you could do here.

Thai Massage

Unlike western massage therapies, Thai massages focus on pressure points on body and blood circulation. The treatments usually start from your feet and finishes at your head. The massage sessions often comprise of rolling of limbs, rhythmic compressions and gentle rocking. You could experience amazing Thai massage therapies at the spas at most of the Chiang Rai hotels the likes of Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.


This is a collection of spiritual, physical and mental practices that originated in India. Yoga today has made its way to Thailand all the way from India and it is becoming one of the best wellness experiences in Thailand. There is a number of places in Thailand that offer classes for tourists which are conducted by experienced Gurus. You could visit any of them to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Cupping therapy

Cupping is a traditional therapy that has a number of proven advantages on one’s body. It is also proven that it cures a number of bodily ailments and certainly contributes to mental and physical wellbeing. The treatments are done using bamboo or glass suction cups placed on the body which will relieve blood vessels and help to promote blood flow to vital organs.

File:Fire Cupping -3.jpg

quatro.sinko, Fire Cupping -3CC BY-SA 2.0


Like cupping therapy this is also an alternative medicine which has originated in China. You could join in for Acupuncture at many centres in Thailand today. Thought the effects of this practice aren’t scientifically proven, one would certainly feel the difference of your body dramatically increases in energy once the treatment is over.

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Golden Triangle Park – An enchanted region!

The Golden Triangle is notoriously famous for drug trafficking that took place in the 1920s – but these days there are plenty on offer for tourists.

Things to do and see

Golden Triangle Park is famous for its scenic vistas. If you climb up to the viewpoint, you can see three bordering countries in your vicinity. To best experience, everything that’s on offer, choose one of the Chiang Rai Hotels – the same calibre as Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort – that are closer to every attraction.

The boat ride

Go for a long trail boat ride on the Mekong River. You can find a boat that will take along the shores of Thailand, Laos and Burma.

Ancient Hill Temple

Wat Phra That Pu Khao is temple located near Mekong River which is believed to date back to the 8th century.

Hall of Opium Museum

To learn the history of the opium trade in the Golden Triangle, drop in at Hall of Opium Museum. The entrance to the museum is through a tunnel – in the tunnel, you will see sculptured figurines that depict the horrors of drug addiction.

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Elephants in Thailand – Gentle Giants of Asia

The elephants found in Thailand are the “Indian” elephants (that is a sub -species of the Asian Elephant). Unlike the regular Indian elephants, Thai elephants have shorter legs and thicker skin compared to their Indian relatives.


Elephants have played quite a significant role in Thai society since the early ages. They were used mainly for their strength and intelligence, where they helped to hall logs and other building material through forests. Male elephants that were more aggressive were chosen as War elephants and used during times of war by great Thai Kings. Later, elephants were trained by professionals called “Mahouts” – who are still used to this date to follow certain commands by means of voice and sharp pointed spears.


Due to their diet, the natural habitat of Thai elephants is in the tropical forests of the Northern and Western parts of the island. Located about an hour’s drive from Chiang Rai, the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort lets you view these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Get to play and connect with elephants at one of the award-winning Chiang Rai hotels in Thailand.

Cultural Significance

Elephants in Thailand are considered very important culturally. Many elephant references have been made on art works, literature and even national emblems. Thailand predominantly being a Buddhist country, believe that elephants are sacred. Many paintings in the Thai Royal Palace have them drawn on their walls. Even the Royal Thai flag has a symbol of the white elephant on it.

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The Amazing City of Chiang Rai – A Small Yet a Delightful City

Chiang Rai is a peaceful destination that offers everything from scenery to spiritual beauty and even plenty of entertainment. Do read on to know some interesting facts about the city.


The laid-back destination of Chiang Rai is the northern-most city of Thailand and it has gained popularity the world over for its excellent base of history and breathtaking natural beauty. Like almost every city in the world, Chiang Rai also has a rewarding history. The King Mengrai of Ngoen Yang, considered as the pioneer of this city, once established it as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Later it was moved to Chiang Mai.

Thanyakij at Thai WikipediaMangrai Monument, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


This mountainous region is a part of the ‘Golden Triangle’ where the borders of Laos, Thailand, and Burma converge. Both the Mae Kok River and Lao River running through the city is a major highlight. While the western part of the city features the hilly terrain of the Thai highlands, the eastern part boasts of flat river plains.


As you set foot at the Chiang Rai airport your first impression of the city’s transportation system will not be a positive one. Local buses, or ‘songthaew’, are the most preferred mode of transport in Chiang Rai. Those can be easily spotted since they are converted pickup trucks painted in bright red.

The Golden Triangle

This marks the point where Thailand, Laos, and Burma meet. You’ll be able to see different landscapes belonging to 3 different countries from a single point! Those staying at one of the many Chiang Rai hotels the likes of Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort can easily map out a journey to view the stunning scenery around the Golden Triangle.

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Longtail Boat Trips in Golden Triangle – Experience the Wonders of Thailand

There are many aspects about Thailand that are unique and beautiful, and this is primarily why a large number of visitors are drawn to this magnificent nation. From its culture and history, to the day-to-day lifestyle of its people, there is so much to experience in the country that visitors will find nowhere else in the world. It is truly an interesting country to explore as there is much diversity to be enjoyed. For visitors looking for a place to head over to where they can relax amidst beautiful settings, there are several places in Thailand they can consider. One such interesting area to visit for a vacation is the Golden Triangle.

The Golden Triangle gets its name from being the point where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet. In some parts of this area, visitors will be able to witness scenery from all three countries, each lush and beautiful, showcasing its culture. There are many adventures for visitors to embark on in the area, as there is much to see and do, and one of the most exciting ways to explore the Golden Triangle is by a ride on a longtail boat trip along the beautiful river Mekong. The iconic longtail boats are seen all across Thailand and provide an experience that visitors to the nation must try out. They have a banana-like shape and will provide an exciting journey for those onboard.

Along the way, visitors will be able to visit many sites, some natural, and some manmade, along the banks of Thailand. They can stop at interesting places such as Chiang Khong, where giant catfish are found, and the famous Opium Museum. Visitors will enjoy a stop-over at the countryside to enjoy a tranquil lunch, surrounded by greenery and picturesque sites. On their ride along the country-sides of the three countries, they will come across various sites that will provide fantastic photo opportunities, and this boat ride will definitely be a highlight of the Thai holiday, from where lovely memories can be taken back.

When selecting Chiang Rai Hotels visitors will especially enjoy staying in a Hotel Chiang Rai that offers spectacular views of all three countries within the Golden Triangle. One such site that offers a unique experience surrounded by nature is the well-loved Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand.