Chiang Mai – A city full of surprises!

From shopping to misty mountains to hill tribes, Chiang Mai is a popular playground for travellers. If this is your first time, Chiang Mai has a diversified set of things to offer you and will give you the best experience you’ve had in an Asian country. Night markets, comfortable hotel rooms, historical sites are a few that await you in the city.

Places of interest

Chiang Mai is considered a historical city due to its many historical sites including Wat Lai Kroh. In addition, there are museums, gardens, spas and ancient temples that make Chiang Mai one of the most visited capitals.


If you want to buy things at low prices and strike the best bargain possible, you are going to find Chiang Mai to be a haven of night markets, boutique shops and malls.


Chiang Mai is a large city with thousands of people shuffling in due to its popularity. If you are worried about finding a place that best suits you, don’t worry, there is a wide range of hotels and Chiang Mai Residences for you to choose from. With places such as Anantara Chiang Mai Serviced Suites and budget hotels, Chiang Mai offers its visitors not only attractions but also a comfortable stay.

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Golf Courses in Chiang Mai – Magnets for the Golf Enthusiast

If you are a golf enthusiast you will be in your element in Chiang Mai as you will find a host of excellent golf courses in the area that will capture your imagination.

Alpine Golf Resort Chiang Mai

The well-reputed Alpine Golf Resort Chiang Mai extends over a large extent of land within a valley amidst mountains. This golf course has also hosted important golf tournaments. An accommodation choice to consider from which this golf course would be within easy reach would be Anantara Chiang Mai Serviced Suites which is amongst the pleasingly located Chiang Mai residences that you can stay at on a golfing holiday.

Chiang Mai Inthanon Golf & Natural Resort

This attractive golf course which was constructed in 2009 is situated in a picturesque setting amidst pleasant fruit orchards. This golf course is reputed for its challenging design, interesting hole layout and excellent condition.

Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort

This facility may be considered to be Chiang Mai’s finest golf course. To reach this golf course you must undertake a scenic drive across stunning landscapes passing plantations and fields of rice as you head into the picturesque mountains.

Gassan Khuntan Golf & Resort

If you visit this golf course you will find out why Gassan Khuntan is considered to rank amongst the loveliest as well as the most challenging golf courses in the entirety of Thailand. This course is located in proximity to Khuntan National Park.

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