The Emergence of Kalutara as a Luxury destination – Coastal Bliss and Elegant Accommodation

Palm fringed golden sand beaches in Kalutara

Palm fringed golden sand beaches in Kalutara | Photo by Anantara Kalutara Resort

It is no surprise that Kalutara is becoming one of the most prominent travel destinations in Sri Lanka. Kalutara offers sprawling unspoilt beaches and is located a mere 40km away from Colombo.

The Setting

Kalutara Chaityaya

Kalutara Chaityaya | Photo by Hafiz Issadeen, Flickr(CC BY-ND 2.0)

Kalutara is a very lucrative locale because it offers exotic coastal splendour as well as intriguing cultural heritage in one potent package. The coastal town’s close proximity to Colombo makes travel exponentially easier as well, not to mention cheaper.


one of the best Hotels in Kalutara sri lanka

A luxurious resort amidst the lagoon and Ocean. Credit : Anantara Kalutara Resort

In recent times there has been a multitude of investment going on in Kalutara, which has resulted in many providers of accommodation popping up in this region. Presently you can find some of the island’s best hotels in Kalutara. There’s also a wide range of accommodation as well, ranging from budget lodgings to luxury resorts.

The Lunuganga Estate

This famous estate is what sparked Geoffrey Bawa’s interest in architecture. Bawa became one of the most famous Sri Lankans in the world for his architectural work, and he worked on this estate for forty years after buying it from a local tax collector. This is one of the most renowned attractions in Sri Lanka and is featured on numerous blogs such as Travel Kalutara.

Richmond Castle

Although this massive Edwardian mansion might not exactly be a castle; it is truly a sight to behold. This architectural wonder was built to showcase various styles that effortlessly unite eastern and western design elements.

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