Wagyu Beef 101 – Taste the Difference

If you are a steak aficionado or just love all things beef, then you probably know all about wagyu beef. If you are new to the term however, here’s a quick guide to this most delectable beef variety.

The Name Says it All

The word “wagyu” is made up of “wa” which translates to Japanese (another variation would be Japanese-style) and “gyu” meaning cattle or cow. In short, wagyu thus refers to cattle that are specially bred in Japan or using Japanese-style techniques.

Wagyu Marbling

One of the main factors that make wagyu so superior to other beef varieties is what is known as “marbling”. This is basically the term given to the flecks or white fat streaks in the red meat; wagyu marbling provides the meat with an exquisite melt in your mouth quality which can be enjoyed not only at well-known steakhouses but Teppanyaki restaurants too including dining venues of Benihana Thailand.

Health Factor

While wagyu beef has a soft somewhat silky texture, it has a healthy factor as well. The fat in the beef is actually high in essential fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6 similar to that found in olive oil.

T.L.C Helps

Not to be forgotten is the fact that the cattle used are very well taken care of; those who follow traditional Japanese methods of Wagyu cattle raising prepare a special feed along with beer in the form of brewer’s grain (a part of alcohol-free beer production). What’s more, depending on the farm, the cattle even enjoy massages via massage brushes that are operated mechanically!

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