Night Tour of Bangkok by Tuk-Tuk – Ride along the Night!

Bangkok has so much to discover, with it bringing in people from all corners of the planet, what better way to explore it other than a night tour in a tuk-tuk. Want to know more?

1) Klongsan Market

The Klongsan Plaza night market is both vibrant and busy. What used to be a train station in the past is today home to a wonderful market. You’ll find many cool items here from shoes, trendy clothes, jewellery, accessories and jeans. You’ll also come across many street foods stands as well.

2) Wat Prayoon

The Wat Prayoon is a 138-year-old temple that was built during the period of King Rama III. It has received the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation Award of Excellence in 2014. You’ll see a large inverted bell shape pagoda and turtle pond where you can feed the little creatures.

File:Wat Prayoon in Thon Buri District, Bangkok, Thailand.jpg

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3) Pad Thai

If you haven’t tried this dish yet, there’ll be many spots on your tour where you can stop and consume some. Bangkok serviced apartments are an excellent choice for accommodation when you’re in the area, with many to choose from, like the Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites for instance.

4) The Giant Swing

A must see when you’re in the city is Bangkok’s, Giant Swing. Located right beside the Wat Suthat, you simply cannot miss it. This iconic swing is over 21 metres tall and is painted red. It was built by King Rama I in 1784.

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Shopping Experience in Bangkok – An ultimate retail therapy!

Bangkok is just more than a picture-perfect city filled with attractions. The city boasts a wide selection of shopping centres with chic Asian and international design. Do read on!

Siam Paragon

If you wish to shop at a fancy mall that is popular among the rich and famous in Bangkok, then Siam Paragon will be an ideal choice. You can find international designers and high-street brands along with some high-end electronic shops and homeware stores. Many Bangkok serviced apartments the likes of Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites are located in the vicinity and it is convenient to gather up on some goodies for yourself.

Terminal 21

You will be able to shop across the world under one roof when you shop at Terminal 21. You will find different shops from Tokyo city and then moving towards London’s Carnaby Street, moving on to Istanbul Zouk or perhaps keeping moving towards Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and shop across the world.

Siam Centre

If you are looking for local brands and local products, then the Siam Centre is the ideal location as you can find most of the local brands under one roof. The products make great gifts and souvenirs to take back to give to your loved ones.

Central World

This is the largest mall in Thailand! It is one of the biggest attractions for the youth as you can see many youngsters coming to the mall to spend their leisure time. The mall has many luxury and designer clothing brands as well as shoes and accessories such as bags and jewellery.

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Bangkok Lifestyle- Stylish, Vibrant and Exciting!

Bangkok is a lively place all throughout the year and there is no boring time in a vibrant capital like this. To make the most of your holiday, arrange your Sukhumvit accommodation prior to your arrival. Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok which is convenient and ideally located closer to many top venues and attractions in the city is one of the best Bangkok serviced apartments you can try out. Whether the travellers are looking for indoor or outdoor activities, or physical or leisure activities, Bangkok has everything in store for its visitors. Ranging from sightseeing tours, spa treatments, theme parks to Muay Thai tournaments and bowling and cycling, travellers can try out numerous activities while savouring authentic Thai cuisine and shopping in many top department stores Bangkok boasts of.

Bangkok Concerts- Welcome 2013 with a gig!

If you are looking for a happening holiday this 2013, there can’t be any other place better than Bangkok to experience all the exciting concerts and performances by international artists. Whether you are on business or leisure, luxury Bangkok serviced apartments would let you enjoy all the comforts and give you a home away from home feeling. Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok is one such renowned serviced apartment Bangkok has in store its visitors who are in search of comfortable accommodation within the city limits. This place would also let you enjoy all the happening events and concerts in Bangkok such as the much awaited performances by Nakadia, DJ Schwa, Yves baron Le Tenor, Lee Coombs, Philipp Ort and Dennis Ferrer. It is advisable to reserve your concert tickets prior to your arrival to avoid disappointment.

Ban Thawai Wood Carving Fair – Exquisite wood carvings

Situated in the Chiangmai district of Bangkok, Thailand, Baan Tawai is a village that is well renowned for its exquisite wood craftsmanship as well as the beautiful wooden carvings that are produced by the great artisans concentrated within the village.

The art of carving wood has been passed down to the present day wood carvers through generations. It is thought that these traditional farmers were directed towards whittling wood and making furniture for their houses during the non harvest time and as such over time gained a reputation for outstanding products. The Chiangmai district itself is that of hardwood forests and artisans of old used teak wood as their preferred choice. Teak however is now a dwindling resource and as such have strict laws preventing its use excessively. Mango and monkeypod tree wood make ideal substitutes however.

The artisans of Baan Tawai have annually organized a woodcarving fair that takes place for 15 days and is usually held around February each year. Although this is more of an exhibition and trade-fair rather than a festival, the crowds that flock to the village during this time are certainly not disappointed.

Wood carvers create before your eyes not merely souvenir type of carvings, but elaborate statues and even furniture. Pre-made carvings and wooden furniture are also available for sale. Kitchenware such as salad bowls, utensils and items such as lamps, wall hangings, statues, figurines, exquisitely detailed dolls, toys, animal replicas and much more are available in all types of wood and sizes.\

Baan Tawai carvings are of such high repute that the village maintains a very lucrative and constantly moving export trade. As such anything you see at the Baan Tawai Wood Carving Fair which would not fit in well with your luggage on your way home can be safely entrusted to the care of the Baan Tawai people who will carefully and safely undertake for the transferring of your purchase to your country.

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Bangkok night shows- Pulsating entertainment!

Being a city of diversity, Bangkok offers its visitors a numerous spectacular shows ranging from international concerts, puppet shows, cultural performances, local theatrical productions and entertaining night shows. When you are vacationing in Bangkok, a convenient Sukhumvit accommodation will always let you experience the best and make the most of your holiday. Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok is one of the top Bangkok serviced apartments recommended by most of the fun-loving travellers. Bangkok night shows usually have a wide range of entertainment acts such as traditional masked dance, ladyboy shows and traditional dance acts. Bangkok night shows is also a platform even for international Broadway productions which are liked by most of the visitors to the city.