Bang Pa In – visit the Summer Palace

Visit the iconic suburb of Bang Pa In that is steeped in historical significance during a special Bangkok cruise tour that comes courtesy of Anantara Cruises Thailand. Bang Pa In is located within the Ayutthaya province, which is around 60km North of Bangkok and is accessible via the scenic array of Bangkok cruises that take you along the serene national water way that is the Chao Phraya.

The suburb of Bang Pa In is awash in historical and cultural meaning, with the exquisite Summer Palace poised as its pride of place element. Here, you will encounter the expansive gardens that evoke those of Versailles dotted with European-style buildings. The palace is also home to the “Divine Seat of Personal Freedom”, which is the only Thai-styled building within the complex, and the “Excellent and Shining Heavenly Abode”, which is an elegant mansion that bears the trappings of 1900s aristocratic European art speckled with minute yet unique Thai influences throughout. Right across from the palace, you will also encounter the Thamphrawat, which looks like a beautiful Gothic church on the outside (complete with sharply arched eaves and windows of stained glass, but is in fact a Buddhist temple. Getting there is a fun journey, with a cable car ferrying visitors from the Bang Pa In parking lot to the church-cum-temple. Visitors can also take a peek at the Buddhist paraphernalia displayed onsite and the stained glass windows afford a special allure as they display stories derived from Thai myths. Remember to bring your camera!

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