The Miraculous Benefits of Ayurveda – A Healthier You!

Known to be one of the world’s oldest healing arts, ”Ayurveda”, directly translates to ” Science of Life” and initially originated in India. Read on to find out more.

Get Rid of Stress

Relaxing herbal treatments, meditation, yoga and breathing exercises are just a few techniques used in Ayurveda to help minimize stress and anxiety. Travel companies such as Connaissance de Ceylan offers interested parties the chance to experience and learn more about the techniques in depth at many an Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka.

Image Credit - Connaissance de Ceylan

Image Credit – Connaissance de Ceylan

Balance Your Hormones

In Ayurveda, natural formulas possessing various therapeutic properties are prescribed to help with any ill effects of hormonal imbalance existing in the system.

Lose Weight

Many Ayurvedic treatments to help to aid in shedding those excess pounds by promoting a natural and healthy diet prescribed in keeping with an individual’s dosha type, which helps one lose weight effectively.

Cleanse your Body

Herbal drinks and potions in Ayurveda promote cleansing of the system internally thus markedly improving one’s overall health. Panchakarma is a treatment which is a process of ridding the system of toxins that interfere with the efficient function of the body. Other external therapies include essential oil massages, scrubs and soaks in herbal baths.

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