Family favorites in Hunter Valley – A Perfect Family Holiday

Like most other parts of Australia, Hunter Valley is an exciting destination adorned with beautiful landscape, plenty of wild life and everything else that will keep the whole family entertained all holiday long.

Horses Galore

Mighty, majestic and marvelous horses are found in abundance in Hunter Valley. So exquisitely beautiful these species ornament the expanses of Hunter Valley with a sort of grace that will mesmerize any on looker. Children have a different agenda altogether when they spot a horse. And once they set eyes on them, they want to be on them and nothing quite beats horse rides on the land of the breathtaking Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley is blessed with a plethora of ranges that are adorned with artistic natural beauty. Let your family be shrouded by the best of Mother Nature as they sit atop the back of a gallantly galloping horse found in Browns, Greys, Blacks and the Sparkling Whites. Molly Morgan is a beautiful horse riding range that affords some impeccable views of the hunter Valley. In addition to the scenic appeal, the range has an abundance of Australian wildlife and the freely roaming kangaroos are a particular treat in this part of Australia. No matter your expertise you get it all in this including Pony rides, personalized rides, picnic rides & winery rides. Arguably the Molly Morgan is considered the best horse riding place in Hunter Valley. Horses in Hunter Valley offer more than just riding amidst a natural landscape for a carriage ride in this part of the world is just as exciting! As the popular Hunter Valley saying goes ‘A ride on a horse or a drink in the carriage, it’s fun for the kids and good for the marriage!’ At Hunter Valley Horse Riding and Carriage Tours there is something for everybody..Available all 7 days of the week, you could either opt for a horse or pony ride or simply sit back, relax and enjoy some of the local wines the Hunter Valley has to offer followed by a Horse and Carriage Wine Tour.

Hunter Valley Zoo

Nothing like a trip to the zoo that perfects a family holiday. Children love interaction with animals and in Hunter Valley you get the best of the Australian favorites and an exception range from the rest of the world. In addition to admiring the uniqueness that every species brings to the table, you get to watch the Hunter Valley inhabitants perform their best in a series of shows highlighting a number of the zoo’s most talented creatures. Whatever your age group, you are definitely going to love this one! Entry tickets to the zoo are reasonably priced at 20 dollars for adults and 11 dollars for children. Apart from the animals, the zoo also serves as an exquisite garden with free BBQs that are available to be used in the picnic area.

Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Nothing like a good art class to bring out all those hidden talents in the budding artists around you! Giving your little ones a chance to express themselves in color and have plenty of fun while they are at it, the kids art class at the Maitland Art Gallery is an innovative activity for children in Hunter Valley. The art activities are performed free of charge and are conducted every Sunday from 11am–1pm.

Hunter Valley Gardens Aqua Golf and Put Put

You may have spotted a Hunter Valley Garden in some pamphlet or magazine but lay eyes on it and you may even feel it has not been justice to! The gardens in Hunter Valley are breathtaking and to add a touch of fun to the younger generation it is combined with exciting sports like Aqua Golf and Putt-Putt, where you can try your skill at the 5,000 square metre lake full of floating target nets to land your ball in. You can win prizes including Vouchers for Wine, Restaurants, Tours, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Golf and even CASH Jackpots! If you are staying in a Huntervalley Family Accommodation such as the Cypress Lakes Resort you can easily access the Hunter Valley Gardens Aqua Golf and Putt Putt and several other fun places for the family.

Scenic Helicopter Tours in Port Stephens – View from the bird’s eye

Located in the Hunter region of New South Wales, just a half hour drive from Sydney is Port Stephens. It’s a large natural harbor that has an abundance of un-spoilt natural scenery and is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. One of the most popular Port Stephens accommodation apartments is Oaks Lure, which is situated on the beaches of Hamlet Bay. The property promises a family-friendly environment with cozy self-contained accommodation balanced with the luxuries of a four point five star rated hotel such as a heated spa, swimming pools and panoramic balconies.

Dubbed as the ‘Dolphin Capital of Australia’, Port Stephens plays host to a population of more than one hundred and forty bottle-neck dolphins, and has a multitude of dolphin-cruises available daily from May to November. As far as accommodation is concerned, the small island has plenty of properties to suit any budget.

In addition to their various water-bound activities, Port Stephens has a reputation for helicopter tours that enables travelers to have a bird’s eye view of the splendors of the island, such as Fingal Bay, a breath-taking coastal suburb. The majority of Fingal Bay is comprised of Tomaree National Park, which contains both scenic beaches and sprawling greens. Some of the helicopter tours contain packages that are truly unforgettable. Such as the Ales and Altitudes package where travelers are flown to a brewery and treated to beer and great food prior to being shown the natural glory of the island. The unique and eclectic mix of adventure and luxury that a vacation in Port Stephens is guaranteed to deliver cannot be found anywhere else. The serenity of blissful coastal beaches, the thrill and enigma of lush forests, and the luxury of hotel accommodation couples with all the comforts of a metropolitan sounds like a definitive slice of heaven.

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Sunset Cruising at Noosa Lakes –Experience the Tranquility of Noosa’s Lakes

Located in Noosa, Queensland is the quaint suburb of Tewantin. Located centrally in Noosa, the suburb of Tewantin is a peaceful and beautiful place which is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Home to several attractions; such as the Noosa Marina, and streets with many pubs, restaurants and shopping destinations, a stay at Tewantin is sure to be blissful and entertaining. A Tewantin hotel Australia that offers great accommodation and luxury services is the Australis Noosa Lakes.

Noosa is known for its amazing natural features, and among these the six lakes of Noosa are among the most popular. Surrounding Noosa, these six lakes have been a source of sustainment for many years. Flanked on either side by many lush green pastures, these lakes are of immense beauty and are great for boating and kayaking on. However, to truly enjoy the beauty of these lakes you should embark on an sunset Noosa lake cruise.

The six lakes of Noosa are; Lake Doonella, Lake Coothabara, Lake Weyba, Lake Como, Lake Cooloola, and Lake Cooroibah. While all these lakes are beautiful in their own way, Lakes Cooribah, Doonella and Coothabara are considered to be the most beautiful. There are many cruise services and hotels in the area that offer remarkable cruise facilities, so that you can head out on to the cool and calm waters and watch the sunset. Experience the tranquility of the lakes and the breathtaking scenery of the surround areas, which is complemented by the amber tint in the evening skies and the gentle lapping of the water. Enhance your experience by sipping on a glass of smooth wine or sipping on a cold beer, while nibbling delicious treats and meals. The Noosa Lake sunset cruise experience is, therefore, a romantic and tranquil experience which is a great activity to engage in with your love ones or family. So go ahead and book a cruise through the stunning Noosa lakes.

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