20 Reasons to visit Maldives – heavenly paradise on earth

The tourists across the world have ample reasons to reach the Maldives several times. Foremost among is the beach, which is quite silky. You can even walk on barefoot and enjoy the silky beach. The next, of course, is waters. Waters of the Maldives are crystal clear and blue, spread across the large drape of the Indian Ocean. The opportunity to choose one among several islands can count in as the third reason. In this paradise called Maldives, you can look forward to a private sanctuary among its cluster of islands.

Going to the island of your choice speaks for luxury. In Maldives, luxury hotels, ultra-luxurious as well as semi-luxurious hotels are easy to come by thanks to its growing tourism. The Maldivians do not ever need to be taught on how to fish. But remember, net fishing is not allowed for commercial purposes. Go for pole and line fishing, and you will definitely love the game. More interestingly luxury hotels like Adaaran Club Rannalhi will prepare the cuisine as well for you from your catch.
You can also find inspiration for a new sport. It could be anything from Catamaran Sailing, Kayaking, Snorkelling, and Kite surfing to riding in glass – bottom boats or dinghies. When you are tired at the end of the day, retreat into a dining experience by candlelight on the beach.
Snorkelling is what most tourists vie for when they reach the island. Maldives is home to safe and convenient lagoons for snorkelling and you will get to swim along with schools of colourful fish.
The Maldives is considered the lowest country in the world, with its highest elevation just 2.4 metres above sea level.
Do not forget to meet a local or two. They will inspire you with their positive attitude of life. They live life to the fullest with happiness.
The seaplane is another exceptional expedition in the Maldives. As you take off and continue over the waters, it is your turn to set sights on the beautiful cluster of islands.

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